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Job Site Safety Audit Report

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Job Site Safety Audit Report


1. Administration

A. Safety Manual/Binder On Jobsite:
B. Emergency Phone Numbers Posted:
C. OSHA And Other Required Posters Posted:
D. Site Specific Safety Plan On-Site:
E. Employee Orientations Current:
F. Toolbox Talks Up-To-Date:
G. Subcontractor Safety Manual Submitted:
H. Construction Signs Posted:
I. Other:

2. Personal Protective Equipment

A. Hard Hats:
B. Safety Glasses:
C. Class II Safety Vest:
D. Proper Clothing:
E. Hearing Protection:
F. Proper Footwear:
G. Respiratory Protection:
H. Current Respiratory Medical Evaluation/Fit Test:
I: Hand Protection:
J: Other

3. Fire Prevention/Medical:

A. First-Aid Kit Available And Maintained On Project:
B. Emergency Eyewash Station Readily Available And Maintained:
C. Universal Precaution Kit Available And Maintained:
D. Medical Route Posted:
E. Clinical Addresses Posted:
F. Proper Fire Extinguisher Available And Maintained In Operating Condition:
G. Housekeeping Clean And Picked Up:
H. Potable Water Present:
I. Superintendent Current CPR/AED/First-Aid Certified:
J. Other:

4. Hazard Communication:

A. MSDS's On-Site Readily Available:
B. Subcontractor MSDS's On-Site Readily Available:
C. Chemicals Properly Labled:
D. Chemicals Stored In Proper Containers:
E. Chemical Containers Properly Labled:
F. Chemicals Stored Properly:
G. Other:

5. Fall Protection:

A. Controlled Access Zones Maintained:
B. Fall Protection Equipment In Good Condition:
C. Fall Protection Equipment Properly Worn:
D. Guard Rails Properly Installed And Maintained:
E. Lifelines In Good Condition:
F. Lifelines Touching Ground:
G. Fall Protection Anchorage Points Meet 5,000 Lbs:
H. Safe Monitor Used On Roof:
I. Openings/Holes Greater Than 2" by 2" Covered And Marked "Hole":
J: Safety Cable Tension Checked By Competent Person:
K. Other:

6. Scaffolds:

A. Scaffolds Properly Erected With All Components In Place:
B. Scaffold Has Guard Rails, Mid-Rails And Toe-boards In Place:
C. Scaffold Properly Planked:
D. Scaffold Plank In Good Condition:
E. Scaffold Plank Kept Clear Of Debris:
F. Limited Access Zone Around Scaffolding:
G. Proper Tie-backs And Fist Grips:
H. Proper Counter Weights:
I. Scaffold Used Properly:
J. Scaffold Welding Precautions In Place:
K. Housekeeping Under Scaffold:
L. Scaffolds Are Tied And Guyed Properly:
M. Employees Have Current Scaffold Safety Cards:
N. Lights Maintained In Canopies On Public Ways:
O. Other:

7. Ladders

A. Ladders In God Shape:
B. Ladders Secured Properly:
C. Ladders Being Used Properly:
D. Ladders Extend 3 Feet Above Upper Landing:
E. Other:

8. Electrical

A. Electrical Cords Properly Identified And Marked:
B. Electrical Extension Cords In Good Condition:
C. Electrical Extension Cords Being Used Properly:
D. Electrical Panels Secured:
E. Lockout/Tagout Procedures In Place:
F. Employees Working On Energized Electrical Equipment Properly Protected (NFPA 70E):
G. Safe Working Distance Maintained Around Power Lines:
H. Power Lines Properly Covered:
I. Other

9. Tools and Equipment

A. Tools And Equipment In Good Condition:
B. Power Tools Are Grounded:
C. Tools And Equipment Being Used Properly:
D. Tools And Equipment Have Guards In Place:
E. Power Actuated Tools Used. Operator Certified:
F. Other:

10. Cranes

A. Crane Operator Certification Maintained On Site:
B. Crane Set-Up Properly:
C. Ground Suitable For Crane Set-Up
D. LAZ Erected And Maintained Around Swing Radius And Lifting Area:
E. Designated Crane Signal Person On Site:
F. Critical Lift Meeting Prior To Lift:
G. Interior Precautions During Crane Lift:
H. Load Stabilizer:
I. Other:

11. Excavation

A. utilities Located And Marked Prior To Excavating:
B. Competent Person On Site/Inspection:
C. Employees Working In Excavation Properly Trained:
D. Proper Egress From Trench:
E. Spoil Pile 2 Feet From Excavation Edge:
F. Proper Safety Signs Posted:
G. Excavation Free From Water Accumulation:
H. Air Monitoring In Excavation Present: (If Present Identify Means)
I. Excavation Inspection Records Maintained On-Site:
J. Other:

12. Welding & Cutting

A. Welding Equipment In Good Condition:
B. Fire Watch Provided At Least 30 Minutes After Welding/Cutting
C. Appropriate Ventilation Provided:
D. Other
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