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Job Site Safety Audit Report

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1. Administration
A. Safety Manual/Binder On Jobsite:
B. Emergency Phone Numbers Posted:
C. OSHA And Other Required Posters Posted:
D. Site Specific Safety Plan On-Site:
E. Employee Orientations Current:
F. Toolbox Talks Up-To-Date:
G. Subcontractor Safety Manual Submitted:
H. Construction Signs Posted:
I. Other:
2. Personal Protective Equipment
A. Hard Hats:
B. Safety Glasses:
C. Class II Safety Vest:
D. Proper Clothing:
E. Hearing Protection:
F. Proper Footwear:
G. Respiratory Protection:
H. Current Respiratory Medical Evaluation/Fit Test:
I: Hand Protection:
J: Other
3. Fire Prevention/Medical:
A. First-Aid Kit Available And Maintained On Project:
B. Emergency Eyewash Station Readily Available And Maintained:
C. Universal Precaution Kit Available And Maintained:
D. Medical Route Posted:
E. Clinical Addresses Posted:
F. Proper Fire Extinguisher Available And Maintained In Operating Condition:
G. Housekeeping Clean And Picked Up:
H. Potable Water Present:
I. Superintendent Current CPR/AED/First-Aid Certified:
J. Other:
4. Hazard Communication:
A. MSDS's On-Site Readily Available:
B. Subcontractor MSDS's On-Site Readily Available:
C. Chemicals Properly Labled:
D. Chemicals Stored In Proper Containers:
E. Chemical Containers Properly Labled:
F. Chemicals Stored Properly:
G. Other:
5. Fall Protection:
A. Controlled Access Zones Maintained:
B. Fall Protection Equipment In Good Condition:
C. Fall Protection Equipment Properly Worn:
D. Guard Rails Properly Installed And Maintained:
E. Lifelines In Good Condition:
F. Lifelines Touching Ground:
G. Fall Protection Anchorage Points Meet 5,000 Lbs:
H. Safe Monitor Used On Roof:
I. Openings/Holes Greater Than 2" by 2" Covered And Marked "Hole":
J: Safety Cable Tension Checked By Competent Person:
K. Other:
6. Scaffolds:
A. Scaffolds Properly Erected With All Components In Place:
B. Scaffold Has Guard Rails, Mid-Rails And Toe-boards In Place:
C. Scaffold Properly Planked:
D. Scaffold Plank In Good Condition:
E. Scaffold Plank Kept Clear Of Debris:
F. Limited Access Zone Around Scaffolding:
G. Proper Tie-backs And Fist Grips:
H. Proper Counter Weights:
I. Scaffold Used Properly:
J. Scaffold Welding Precautions In Place:
K. Housekeeping Under Scaffold:
L. Scaffolds Are Tied And Guyed Properly:
M. Employees Have Current Scaffold Safety Cards:
N. Lights Maintained In Canopies On Public Ways:
O. Other:
7. Ladders
A. Ladders In God Shape:
B. Ladders Secured Properly:
C. Ladders Being Used Properly:
D. Ladders Extend 3 Feet Above Upper Landing:
E. Other:
8. Electrical
A. Electrical Cords Properly Identified And Marked:
B. Electrical Extension Cords In Good Condition:
C. Electrical Extension Cords Being Used Properly:
D. Electrical Panels Secured:
E. Lockout/Tagout Procedures In Place:
F. Employees Working On Energized Electrical Equipment Properly Protected (NFPA 70E):
G. Safe Working Distance Maintained Around Power Lines:
H. Power Lines Properly Covered:
I. Other
9. Tools and Equipment
A. Tools And Equipment In Good Condition:
B. Power Tools Are Grounded:
C. Tools And Equipment Being Used Properly:
D. Tools And Equipment Have Guards In Place:
E. Power Actuated Tools Used. Operator Certified:
F. Other:
10. Cranes
A. Crane Operator Certification Maintained On Site:
B. Crane Set-Up Properly:
C. Ground Suitable For Crane Set-Up
D. LAZ Erected And Maintained Around Swing Radius And Lifting Area:
E. Designated Crane Signal Person On Site:
F. Critical Lift Meeting Prior To Lift:
G. Interior Precautions During Crane Lift:
H. Load Stabilizer:
I. Other:
11. Excavation
A. utilities Located And Marked Prior To Excavating:
B. Competent Person On Site/Inspection:
C. Employees Working In Excavation Properly Trained:
D. Proper Egress From Trench:
E. Spoil Pile 2 Feet From Excavation Edge:
F. Proper Safety Signs Posted:
G. Excavation Free From Water Accumulation:
H. Air Monitoring In Excavation Present: (If Present Identify Means)
I. Excavation Inspection Records Maintained On-Site:
J. Other:
12. Welding & Cutting
A. Welding Equipment In Good Condition:
B. Fire Watch Provided At Least 30 Minutes After Welding/Cutting
C. Appropriate Ventilation Provided:
D. Other
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Please note that this checklist template is a hypothetical appuses-hero example and provides only standard information. The template does not aim to replace, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice, medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, or any other applicable law. You should seek your professional advice to determine whether the use of such a checklist is appropriate in your workplace or jurisdiction.
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