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Landscape Maintenance Checklist Template

This template for a landscaping maintenance checklist should be used by commercial property managers and landscaping business owners to ensure the quality of work performed by landscapers. This tool allows to effective assign landscaping maintenance jobs to workers and monitors performance quality.

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Landscape Maintenance Audit
General Information
Landscape Worker
The grass is cut at the appropriate height.
Mowing lines are straight & present.
The sidewalks & borders a properly edged.
The grass exemplifies good color.
The grass is thick with no bare areas.
Excess leaves are removed from the lawn.
Are there any insects or diseases present?
Are there any weeds that are predominantly present?
The clippings are removed from all tree rings.
Mulch looks fresh.
Suckers are removed from the base or trunk of the tree
Tree rings are even with crisp edging.
There is a proper amount of mulch.
There is a proper distance between the canopy & the ground.
There is proper clearance between the canopy & surrounding buildings.
Small trees are trimmed correctly.
Are there any insects or diseases present?
All stubs were removed after pruning.
The number of dead trees present.
Perennial Beds
Beds are weed-free.
Bed edges are even & crisp.
There is a proper amount of mulch in the beds.
Dead plants are removed from the bed.
The shrubs are correctly trimmed.
Groundcover is correctly trimmed & not overbearing.
The applicable perennials are cut to the ground in late fall.
Plants look vigorous & healthy.
Faded flowers are removed.
Beds are full & look complete.
Annual Flower Beds
Weeds are removed.
Faded or dead flowers are removed.
Flower beds appear to be full & healthy.
Bed edges are even & crisp.
There is an absence of insects & disease.
Pots are watered correctly.
Beds are watered correctly.
Trash/Hardscape Areas
Excess debris is removed from the site.
Sidewalks are clean & weed-free.
The building entrances are spotless.
Curbs are free of debris & weeds.
Docks are weed & trash-free.
Parking lots are weed & trash-free.
Riprap & gravel areas are weed & trash-free.
Walls are free of overgrown vines.
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Create a Landscape Maintenance Checklist to Keep Your Yard Looking Its Best

A landscape maintenance checklist template is a document that contains a list of items to be taken care of when maintaining a particular type of landscape. It can be used by professionals working in the field, such as landscapers and gardeners, to ensure that their clients’ lawns and gardens are properly maintained.

This document can help them to keep track of important tasks, such as watering the lawn, weeding the soil, and trimming the bushes and trees, so that they can provide consistent care for their clients. A landscape maintenance checklist template can also be useful for homeowners who want to take better care of their own lawns and gardens, as they can use this document to help them maintain their yards regularly and efficiently.

By using a checklist template, you will be able to more easily organize your maintenance tasks and ensure that your lawns and gardens receive proper care. Overall, a checklist template is an excellent tool for organizing your lawns and gardens and ensuring that they are kept looking beautiful and healthy.

Lumiform’s customizable checklist template enables:

  • Customization according to seasonal plans or internal landscaping quality control programs
  • Oversight of recurring red flags and assignment of rectifying actions
  • Help landscapers to effectively document accomplished tasks and provide property managers with proof of accomplished work
  • Digital sign-offs for approved landscape maintenance work
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Please note that this checklist template is a hypothetical appuses-hero example and provides only standard information. The template does not aim to replace, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice, medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, or any other applicable law. You should seek your professional advice to determine whether the use of such a checklist is appropriate in your workplace or jurisdiction.