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Real estate templates

Simplify your real estate management tasks with Lumiform’s comprehensive templates. From property inspections to client management, ensure every detail is covered efficiently.
This is a preventative maintenance inspection checklist for air conditioner equipment. Use online for free or download as a pdf with Lumiform.
Use this air conditioning commissioning sheet to validate that packaged air conditioning units still conform with design specifications after installation onsite.
Use this self-audit checklist if you have machines and equipment on-site that cause air emissions.
This template is used to carry out an asbestos inspection on premises. Further action will be taken on the basis of the results.
Use the asbestos inspection report form to ensure workplace safety. This inspection is part of building maintenance and belongs in every project plan.
Use this template to assess all the risks to people and the environment associated with the removal of asbestos before starting work and to take protective measures.
Use this template to conduct bed bug inspections and to document any evidence of a bed bug infestation. The report can be used to plan containment measures.
Use this building condition survey template to assess the physical condition of a building. Include structural, mechanical, electrical and room-level inspections.
Use this building exterior maintenance checklist to ensure the property stay in good condition, retain their value and provide safeness.
Use this building maintenance checklist to carry out preventive maintenance to maintain the building's roofing, lighting, air conditioning and plumbing.
Use this building preventive maintenance checklist to check the roofing, lighting, HVAC, and plumbing of the building.
Use a building maintenance safety checklist to inspect the structure’s interior and exterior. Sleep easy knowing that your building is up to code.

Lumiform’s real estate templates

In the real estate industry, managing multiple properties and client interactions requires thorough documentation and streamlined processes. Lumiform’s real estate templates offer practical solutions for tasks such as property inspections, client management, and compliance checks. These templates help ensure that every aspect of property management is meticulously recorded, from initial inspections to ongoing maintenance and client communications. By utilizing Lumiform’s templates, real estate professionals can maintain high standards of service, ensure regulatory compliance, and enhance operational efficiency. Whether you’re conducting property audits, managing tenant information, or tracking maintenance requests, these templates provide the essential tools to keep your real estate operations running smoothly and effectively.
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