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Real Estate Contract to Close Checklist Template

Use a real estate checklist template to keep track of critical housing information, such as listing and selling price, buyers and sellers contact information, closing date, and other requirements. This information is vital to making informed decisions regarding the purchase of a property and ensuring all assets are in place before the transaction is approved.

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Real Estate Contract to Close Checklist Template



List Price / Sale Price

Year Built

Seller Name

Buyer Name

Transaction Type

Date of Contract

Closing Date

Required for all Listings

Listing contract signed by all parties

Closing Instructions signed?

Square Footage Disclosure completed and signed?

Seller Property Disclosure completed with source of water information and signed?

If not on Seller Property Disclosure, is Source of Water completed and signed?

MLS sheet active?

If built before January 1, 1978, is Lead-Based Paint Obligation form completed and signed?

Is Lead-Based Paint Disclosure completed and signed?

Has O&E report been ordered, or is one present?

Is Seller Net Sheet filled out and signed by seller?

If the property is mortgaged, is the Seller Authorization signed and completed?

Is the Seller Advisory signed?

Required if applicable for Listing files

Definitions of Working Relationships

County tax record

Short Sale Addendum

Well checklist or permit


Referral form?

CIC documents?

Lease agreements if rental property

Power of Attorney

Required for Sales Contracts

KW Online Greensheet

Sales Contract

Closing Instructions

Change of Status for Seller?

Change of Status for Buyer?

Square Footage Disclosure

Seller Property Disclosure with Source of Water information

Source of Water on SPD or Source of Water Document

MLS Pending or Under Contract

Lead-Based Paint Disclosure

Earnest money Receipt

Title Commitment

Inspection Objection

Buyer Advisory

Buyer Acknowledgement

Buyer Listing Agreement

Broker Disclosure to Buyer

Required if applicable for Contract Files



Foreclosure Addendum

Short Sale Addendum

Post-Closing Occupancy Agreement

Home Warranty Information

Promissory Note marked REDEEMED

Loan Commitment or proof of funds if cash

Referral Form

Leases if rental property

P&L if income property

Power of Attorney

Notice of Termination

Required for all Closings

Closing proceeds check to company within 24 hours

Seller's Settlement Statement

Buyer's Settlement Statement


Closing Instructions

Warranty Deed

Tax Certificate

Tax Agreement

Bill of Sale


Final Affidavit / Lien Waiver

Real Property Transfer Declaration

Deed of Trust, if applicable

Required for all Closings if applicable

Loan Payoff if our listing

Well Permit Transfer


Agent Authorization Letter

Note/Deed of Trust if owner carry

Lease Agreement

Power of Attorney


I have personally checked this file.

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