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Pre-Commissioning Checklist Template

A Pre-Commissioning Checklist Template is a useful tool for ensuring that all necessary steps are taken before commissioning a new project. It provides a comprehensive list of tasks to be completed prior to starting the project and includes areas such as safety, building conditions, and operational readiness. This template is a valuable tool for successfully launching a project in an efficient and organized manner.

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Pre-commissioning Checklist
Check that time schedules enable the intended operation at the correct times.
Check the correct operation of the interlocks by individually switching interlocked items of plant.
Check all safety interlocks, e.g electro-thermal links and emergency knocks off buttons etc.
Control Systems
Check the specified interlocking between different control systems, for example any interlocking between a fire detection system
Check that the specified temperature interlocks operate correctly, e.g low temperature frost protection.
Check for the correct sequencing control in response to varying inputs operates in the correct order and at the desired set points
Check for the correct control and operation on start-up and shutdown. Check that the defined restart routine operates correctly when power is reinstated
Check that controllers maintain settings information of the control approach for a defined duration when the energy of the mains is wasted.
Check that the condition of any volatile data protection system is regularly and automatically monitored.
Check that an alarm is raised on loss of data by any controller or other device and/or failure of the monitoring system.
Check that the control system operates correctly under generator standby and UPS power if applicable
Check that the control system will automatically return to normal action without operator intervention restoration of the mains electrical power supply
Check that any specified load shedding procedures operate correctly.
Checks on powered control machinery and circuits, including modifications for the proper functioning of security systems.
The lamp test facility, if specified
Wiring interlocks by progressively energising or de-energising relay contacts, switches, timers etc in each circuit. Switches must be used to test that the system operates correctly in response to input signals.
All indicators and signals out of the panel, Safety interlocks must be checked in ‘manual’, ‘off’ and ‘auto’ switch modes
Frame size fuse or circuit breaker, sort of device journey and drawing configurations.
Correct labelling has been provided.
Trip the engine and make sure it de-energizes and lights up the travel sign.
Energize the starter / contactor by ' creating ' the control loop and guarantee that the driver is operating properly and that the outgoing terminals receive authority.
If the control panel is left on site for a long period then undertake adequate steps to ensure that it is protected from dirt, damage and moisture
Repeat the flash experiment before closing the primary isolator when the field wiring is full to the energy segment.
Check all fresh links in the board before the electricity is turned on and the interlocks are re-checked
Perform a complete panel test on-site if the panel has not been tested in the factory
Check that time schedules enable the intended operation at the correct times.
Cable type as specified
Cable identified at both ends
Cable cores identified at both ends if not self numbered or colour coded
Cable management in accordance with the specification
Cable carrier/container in accordance with the specification (tray, basket, conduit/trunking etc)
Cables not damaged
Secure termination of wires (using ferrules)
Screening continuity
Correct polarity where applicable
Correct and secure termination
No short circuits line-to-line and line-to-earth
Separation of mains and signals cables
Site Communications Network
All network devices such as routers and bridges are installed correctly.
All control devices can be addressed over the communication network.
IT manager permission acquired?
All network data routing is correctly set up by the IT department including allocation of the appropriate TCP/IP addresses and default router addresses.
Check that time schedules enable the intended operation at the correct times.
Correct location and orientation of the sensor
Type of sensor as specified
Sensor wired correctly
Confirm the sensor output indicated by the control system with the reading on the test instrument.
If a sensor is not linear over its working range, check the sensor at its normal working range at the upper, middle and lower points
Field Control Devices
Type as specified
Size as specified
Enclosures as specified
Number and location (height, access) as specified
Identification by mnemonic labelling
Continuous power available and of an appropriate quality
Fuse correct type/spares if specified
Hardware configuration agrees with the specification
All printed circuit boards in place
All connection cables plugged in
Document wallet containing wiring diagram where appropriate, i.e when located in a control panel
Additional Comments
Installer Name & Signature
Contractor Name & Signature
Witnessed by
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A Pre-Commissioning Checklist Template is a useful tool to help ensure all necessary steps are taken prior to commissioning a new machine, system or facility. It helps to identify potential risks and helps to plan preventative maintenance. The template includes a list of items to be completed prior to commissioning such as safety checks, operational checks, an inspection of the facility, and installation of any additional components. It also helps to ensure that all necessary paperwork is completed and submitted. Using a Pre-Commissioning Checklist Template helps to guarantee that all necessary steps are taken to ensure a safe and successful commissioning process.
Please note that this checklist template is a hypothetical appuses-hero example and provides only standard information. The template does not aim to replace, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice, medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, or any other applicable law. You should seek your professional advice to determine whether the use of such a checklist is appropriate in your workplace or jurisdiction.
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