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Reach Stacker Inspection Checklist

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Rated 5/5 stars on Capterra

Reach Stacker Inspection Checklist


1. General Check

Operator's PPEs

Driver' licence

Operator attended Reach Stacker training Course?

Road licence/ Motor vehicle license


Revenue sticker

Go to safety week

Warning sticker ( 7M away) - Kaa mbali na mashine zaidi ya Mita 7

Pre- start checklist signed by the supervisor and driver?

Boom, superstructure or welds: wear, conditioned, rust, loose parts.

Hydraulic rams/ hoses/ lines.

Wheels/ tyre pressure and condition.

Cabin/ ROPS/ FOPS for damage or wear.

Fluid levels: engine oil, hydraulic oil level, transmission oil, brake

Fuel levels, engine oil, hydraulic oil level, transmission oil, brake fluids, coolant, power steering fluid.

General condition: signs of visual weakness, stress welds, paint separation.

Outriggers/ stabilisers: clean, secure

Windows and mirrors: clean, secure.

Nuts, bolts, pins, connection points,: any damage, wear, loose parts

Decals and signage

Leaks under vehicle.

Safety devices including extinguisher.

2. Internal Cabin Check

Levers and gears for wear. Damage, labels

General wear and tear

Seat and seat belt

Logbook, running sheet, vehicles history, service sheets: present and correct.

3. Start-up Check.

Test for free-play on the steering

Test pressure on brake pedals.

Start the machine

Warm up for at least three minutes

Test all lights and indicators

Test the hooter

Test the tilt cylinders

Test the lifting cylinders

Air conditioning

Check all gauges and instruments: fuel, engine temperature, hydraulic.

Test the park brake

Test the foot brake

GPS/ Positioning system

Outriggers/ stabilisers functioning

Communication Equipment

General housekeeping inside the cab

4. Spreader Check

Rotation device

Tilt cylinder

Side shift wagon

T- beam


Spreader signalling lamps.

(check name not set)


(check name not set)

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Driver's Signature

QHSE Representative

QHSE Auditor Signature

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