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Restaurant Event Planning Template

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Restaurant Evaluation
Outside the store
Are the outside tables clean and organised?
Are there opening hours?
Is the floor outside clean or any debris?
Is the front door clean?
Are the window clean and clings neatly installed?
Are the external sign lights and neon signs on?
Are the bins outside in an acceptable state? Are there bin bags on the floor?
Is the awning in a good condition and out correctly
Are the cafe cafe barriers neat and tidy in the correct locations?
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Customer Area
Is the door mat clean and in good condition?
Are the floors clean?
Are the bins clean and in an acceptable condition?
Is the floor clean under the bins?
Are the dining room tables clean?
Are the queue barriers clean and well kept? Are they in the out correctly?
Are the ceiling lights on? Are they all working?
Are the floor corners clean?
Is the Front Counter glass clean?
Are the walls clean?
Is the music on? If so, is the content and volume appropriate?
Are the hand rails clean?
Are the stairs clean?
Is the beverage area clean? Lids/straws/coffee items full?
Is the ice chute clean? The ice tray clean? Are the soda nozzles clean?
Is the crisp rack and purse rail full and organized according to the crisp chart? Required 9 varieties.
Are the crisps all in date and being rotated correctly?
Is the bottle drink fridge full and organized properly? Required 12 varieties.
Are the restrooms clean and stocked?
Is the box window clean?
Are all the customers bins at an acceptable level
Are the following dust-free: Air con vents, Neon signs & cords, window ledges, misc edges.
Is the staff rooms clean and organised?
Items of note:
Front counter
Is the inside glass clean?
Are all lights working and on?
Is the quality of all product of good quality and condition?
Is there bread sitting on the side when it's quiet?
Are all scoops out and ready to use?
Are the sauce bottles and holders clean?
Are all relevant counter stickers up and in a good condition?
Is all food on the Front Counter below the chill line and fully stocked?
Are the delis free of any juice?
Is the EPOS area clean of dust and tidy?
Is the Cookie cabinet clean and well stocked? Required 5 varieties.
Are the pre bagged cookies ready and on display in a clean and organized Cookie Holder? Are they correctly dated?
Are the cookies baked well?
Are the relevant translights up? Breakfast before 11am.
Are all breakfast out and ready to serve? Is it before 11am?
Are the relevant menu footers up? Are the holders in good condition?
Are the bins clean and in an acceptable state?
Are under the sandwich units clean and tidy?
Is all the Food Safety items checked? Prep labels? FIFO? Dates?
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Back counter
Are freshly baked breads available of every type? Do they look amazing?
Are all the breads from yesterday thrown away by 11am?
Are the Flatbreads thawed out and ready to serve?
Are the meatballs ready to serve and have a 4 hour discard label?
Are the 2 cups sizes available? 16 oz and 21oz?
Is the SpeedOven clean and operational? Is the oven basket in useable condition?
Are the Oven and Proofer clean and operational?
Is the microwave clean and operational?
Is the coffee machine, milk fridge clean and well stocked.
Are the back counter fridge seals and cabinet clean?
Are under the back counter fridges and units clean and tidy?
Is all the Food Safety items checked? Prep labels? FIFO? Dates?
Are the waste breads checked and ok?
Items of note:
Back of house
Is the fridge exterior and all contact points clean?
Are all white walls clean?
Is the Buttler sink clean?
Are sinks cleaned ad de-limed?
Is the Coke machine clean and connectors clean?
Are the syrup dates in check?
Is the dry storage organised and tidy?
Are all grey tubs clean?
Is the bread retarder clean?
Is the prep table clean? Have you checked behind, under and any drawers?
Is the floor retarder clean?
Is the prep being made to meet the Restaurant standard? Is the prep being rotated using FIFO?
Are the toppings in date and clean?
Is the sanitizer being used in the sink?
Is all the food at least 6" (15 cm) off the ground in Stockroom, Fridge & Freezer?
Is the vege being rotated correctly?
Are the defrost dates in check?
Are the defrost trays clean?
Are the open sauce bags dated and sealed?
Is all the Food Safety items checked? Prep labels? FIFO? Dates?
Is the fridge clean? Organised?
Is the freezer clean? Organised.
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Refrigerated Back Counter 1-5c.
Refrigerated Back Counter 2 1-5c.
Front counter 1 1-5c.
Front counter 2 1-5c
Refrigerator 1-5c
Hotwell >75c
Are all employees in uniform?
Are all employees acknowledging customers with a warm and friendly greeting?
Is the staff utilizing Thru-Put during peak hours?
Are employees upselling? Ie Extra Cheese, Double Meat?
Are employees asking if the finished sub is ok to the customer?
Items of note:
Manager Tasks
Are the temperature logs completed for today?
Are the daily cleaning duties done? Check 3 things to prove.
Are the detailed cleaning duties completed? Check 3 to prove
Are the bread counts being done today?
Does the restaurant have change?
Items of note:
AM Tasks
Have you checked live IQ
Do all transactions seem legitimate?
Was the till float correct in the morning?
Was the safe float correct?
Items of note:
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Restaurant Event Planning Template: Streamlining Successful Events

A restaurant event planning template is a comprehensive tool used to organize and coordinate events within a restaurant setting. It provides a structured framework for managing all aspects of event planning, from initial brainstorming to execution and post-event evaluation.

The purpose of a restaurant event planning template is to ensure that no crucial details are overlooked during the event planning process. It covers essential elements such as budgeting, menu selection, venue setup, staffing requirements, marketing and promotion, and guest management.

By using a standardized event planning template, restaurants can streamline their event coordination efforts, enhance efficiency, and deliver successful events. The template acts as a guide, helping to maintain consistency and professionalism across different events.

Furthermore, the restaurant event planning template facilitates effective communication and collaboration among event organizers, staff, and suppliers. It ensures that everyone involved is aware of their roles and responsibilities, timelines, and specific event requirements.

Please note that this checklist template is a hypothetical appuses-hero example and provides only standard information. The template does not aim to replace, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice, medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, or any other applicable law. You should seek your professional advice to determine whether the use of such a checklist is appropriate in your workplace or jurisdiction.
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