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Retail store audit

Use this retail store audit template to conduct a thorough audit of the retail store or see how Lumiform’s retail store audit software can help with all your retail business and compliance needs.

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1.0 - Previous inspection
1.1 - Has the last inspection been reviewed?
1.2 - Have outstanding actions been sufficiently closed?
2.0 - Fire Prevention
2.1 - Evacuation plan displayed and understood by all employees? (Ask team members)
2.2 - Fire drills conducted twice per year, as per company procedures?
2.3 - Extinguishers in place and the correct type, serviced and not obstructed
2.4 - Adequate direction notices for fire exits?
2.5 - Exit doors easily opened from inside?
2.6 - Exits clear of obstructions?
2.8 - Emergency exit lighting operable?
2.9 - Sprinkler system pressure weekly test up to date
3.0 - Assembly points identified?
3.1 - External walkways to company standard?
2.7 - Fire alarm system functioning correctly?
3.0 - General Documentation and signage.
3.1 - Has the correct visitor procedure been followed?
3.2 - Is file 6 to company standard?
3.5 - Is the fire precautions log book to company standard?
3.6 - Is the Health & Safety policies and procedures file to company standard?
3.7 - All health and safety signs in place?
3.8 - Is H&S being communicated effectively?
3.9 - Health and Safety notice board up to date?
4.0 - Is Prime being used effectively?
4.1 - Are near miss reports being acted upon?
4.0 - Front of house
4.1 - Floor surfaces in good condition?
4.3 - Entrance and exits clearly marked?
4.4 - Is display equipment to company standard?
4.5 - Customer access in to and around store to standard.
4.7 - Are restricted access doors locked or secure?
4.8 - Till areas kept clean tidy and to company standard?
4.9 - Are customer toilets to company standard?
5.0 - Back of house
5.1 - Waste control to company standard?
5.2 - Floor surfaces in good condition?
5.3 - Work equipment not in use kept in place?
5.4 - Condition of delivery area.
5.5 - Are fixture rooms organised and hazard free?
5.6 - are items stored correctly?
5.7 - Are WoW trolley's in a safe condition?
5.8 - Staff areas maintained to appropriate standard?
5.9 - Are any Void areas unavailable and not being used?
6.0 - Is warehouse racking in good condition?
6.1 - Are plant rooms to company standard?
6.0 - Machinery and equipment
6.1 - Are lifts kept maintained and in serviceable condition?
6.2 - Confirm lift releases are not being carried out?
6.3 - Are escalators/travelators maintained and kept in serviceable condition?
6.4 - Are escalators and travelators checked before operation?
6.5 - Are Ladders maintained and kept in a serviceable condition?
6.6 - Are platform hoists / dock levellers maintained and kept in a serviceable condition?
6.7 - Are any wheelchairs clean and in serviceable condition?
6.8 - Evac chairs maintained and in serviceable condition?
6.9 - MHE equipment in good working condition?
7.0 - Electrical Safety
7.1 - All electrical equipment maintained and in good working order?
7.2 - Are fixed electrical installation adequate and in good working order?
8.0 - First Aid Facilities
8.1 - Are boxes and contents clean and maintained?
8.2 - First aider available during working hours?
8.3 - First Aider list up to date?
9.0 - Delivery operation.
9.1 - Are there trained watch persons to cover delivery operation?
9.2 - Is there an up to date and site specific SSOW in place?
9.3 - Is the goods in delivery area in good condition?
9.4 - Are bridging plates and side guards in good serviceable condition and being used?
9.5 - Appropriate PPE available and being worn?
9.6 - Are relevant team members aware of the Risk Assessment for that area?
9.7 - adequate CCTV coverage in the goods in delivery area?
9.0 - External areas
9.1 - General condition of building, signage, walkways and escape routes?
9.2 - Safe access to roof and external plant rooms?
9.3 - Porch areas in good condition?
9.4 - External displays safe and controlled?
10.0 - Safety and Hygiene.
10.1 - All food areas to company standard?
10.2 - Are back up thermometers available and being used?
10.3 - Food hygiene rating displayed (Legal Req Wales)?
10.4 - is Pest control in place?
10.5 - Food items stores on wipeable warehouse racking?
10.6 - All food chillers inc back up chillers to company standard?
11.0 - Team Members
11.1 - Food safety and hygiene?
11.2 - Fire and evacuation procedures?
11.3 - Goods in delivery operation?
11.4 - Safe movement of stock?
11.5 - Manual Handling?
11.6 - Working at height?
12.0 - General comments.
12.1 - Any general comments or actions outside of the scope of the audit.
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Retail Store Audit: Understanding its Importance

A retail store audit refers to the systematic examination and evaluation of various aspects of a retail establishment, aiming to assess its overall performance and adherence to operational standards. This comprehensive assessment encompasses areas such as store layout, inventory management, customer service, compliance with regulations, pricing accuracy, and overall store hygiene.

The importance of a retail store audit cannot be overstated. It helps identify operational inefficiencies, inconsistencies, and potential risks, enabling businesses to make informed decisions for improvement. By conducting regular audits, retailers can enhance customer experiences, optimize stock levels, minimize losses due to theft or fraud, maintain compliance with legal requirements, and ensure consistent brand representation across all locations. Furthermore, audits facilitate data-driven decision-making, enabling retailers to drive profitability and maintain a competitive edge in today’s dynamic market

Please note that this checklist template is a hypothetical appuses-hero example and provides only standard information. The template does not aim to replace, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice, medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, or any other applicable law. You should seek your professional advice to determine whether the use of such a checklist is appropriate in your workplace or jurisdiction.
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