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A janitor performs various tasks for property owners.

What Does a Janitor Do?

A janitor is employed by the real estate management or the landlord. He or she is responsible for all tasks of the house care monitoring and partly administration. Often a janitor lives in the building he or she is in charge of. The janitor’s activity pursues the goal of facilitating both the owners or landlords and the tenant’s daily life in the house.

A Janitor Is Not a Facility Manager

A janitor is not necessarily employed by the building owner. If necessary, the same activities can also be done by housing companies or a janitorial service company. The job of a janitor should not be confused with that of a facility manager. Facility management covers the entire area of administration and management. This is often used in large building complexes. A janitor can also take on the tasks of a facility manager. Nevertheless, both professions are not to be mistaken for each other.

What Does a Janitor Do on a Regular Basis?

The area of responsibility of the janitor job is not regulated by law. The janitor performs a wide variety of activities in the house. These can be administrative or practical and technical tasks.

Tasks include general cleaning and maintenance tasks in all areas of the house. This includes sweeping in and around the building as well as the basement rooms, the stairwell and organizing the garbage service. Furthermore, the janitor must take care of garden maintenance or see to it that this is done. In addition, there is the task of monitoring the heating systems and the water level. The scope of janitor duties varies depending on the rental property and the individual needs. The following is a categorized list of typical janitorial duties.

  • Operating and monitoring the common heating system
  • Operating and monitoring the hot water supply
  • Repairing minor damages
  • Organization of winter maintenance

Janitors can also be assigned administrative activities. As far as he performs administrative tasks, these are separately remunerated. The following activities may include:

  • Flat inspections with prospective tenants
  • Apartment handover
  • Execution of cosmetic repairs
  • Supervision and control of maintenance contracts

How Do I Become a Janitor?

A prescribed professional training does not exist for the janitorial work. Generally, however, it is advisable to have a manual training and longer professional experience.

The classic requirements for the janitor are:

  • good physical condition
  • systhetic working style
  • communication skills
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability
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