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Export Compliance Audit Checklist

Reduce the risk of delays and increased costs in export compliance by using digital checklists in advance.

What is a Export Compliance Audit Checklist?

Export compliance is an EU Department of Trade requirement used to enforce export regulations and regulate the export of “dual-use” goods or products Foreign Trade Regulation (FTA) that have both commercial and military uses. The EU list of goods categorizes each item with a five-digit alphanumeric code consisting of a generic, category, and identification number.

An export audit compliance checklist is an assessment tool used to easily identify risks, effectively implement corrective actions and proactively ensure export compliance. Criminal fines, civil penalties, and imprisonment await non-compliant companies or individuals.

This article provides information on:

1. Export compliance checklist: meeting global regulations

2. Benefits of an export control checklist

3. A digital solution for the export audit compliance checklist

Export control checklist: meeting global regulations

In the international arena, export controls are of particular importance. These are published by several national and international authorities. They are also subject to constant change. To help you meet these global requirements, an export control checklist can support you and make your workflow more efficient.

In addition to an export control checklist, the national and international export regulations must also be observed. Errors in record keeping of export controls can have serious costly consequences.

5 check steps for export control

  1. Check whether you are subject to the Export Administration Regulations
  2. Check the goods being shipped
  3. Check the US embargoes
  4. Check your business partners
  5. Check the end use of the goods

Benefits of an export control checklist

On the one hand, the aim of export control is to prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and the spread of unconventional armaments. At the same time, export control is also used to prevent terrorism

The advantages of digital and mobile software for export control include a comprehensive database for the control and monitoring of goods shipments and the electronic customs tariff, with data service through constant updates. With the help of this tool there are extensive research possibilities, in the integrated export lists. Further advantages of an export control checklist are:

  • A graphical export control assessment of an item in combination with the exporting country enables a quick assessment of whether an item may fall under export licensing requirements.
  • Overview of important information
    For this purpose, all information, such as measures, notes, footnotes, codings, export lists are available at a glance.
  • Optimal data maintenance
    In combination with the use of logics, articles can be created and maintained with the associated commodity number and the corresponding measures or documents. Each newly created export declaration is then checked on the basis of the goods and the individually created logics and supplemented as required.

A digital solution for the export audit compliance checklist

An export control checklist is helpful in the sense that it documents all the details of activities and interruptions in the project. Online or offline, the app guides you step by step through the export control process. This way, no important checkpoints or export control information will be forgotten. All collected data is securely stored in the cloud and then processed in a comprehensive final report.

Lumiform, the powerful inspection app offers project managers the opportunity to avoid the hassle of disorganized documents, manual tracking of project deliverables as well as the cumbersome handover of export controls.

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