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Entertainment templates

Navigate the complexities of the entertainment industry with Lumiform’s dynamic templates. From organizing production schedules and conducting safety inspections to managing equipment maintenance, our templates are designed to address the unique challenges of live events, film shoots, and studio sessions.
Use this template to track event contacts to keep your event or conference safe for attendees.
Event planners can use this form to create a risk management plan to outline identified hazards and steps that need to be taken to prevent them.
Use this free event sign-in sheet template to report attendance to the appropriate authorities. Use the data for future event planning.
Use this template for risk assessment of noise in amusement venues. Conduct this assessment regularly to improve worker health and safety.
Use this photography model release form to get permission and the sole right to use photographs taken of the model. This template contains a legally exhaustive list of rights the model will be signing over to the photographer. This gives the photographer license to use, alter, reproduce, or publish the photograph for marketing purposes.
Use this drone post-flight checklist template to ensure that no important steps for shutting down, maintaining, and storing your drone are skipped or forgotten.

Lumiform’s entertainment templates

Entertainment industry templates are essential for organizing and managing events efficiently and safely. These templates assist with various tasks such as event registrations, contact tracing, pre-event safety, and risk assessments. By utilizing Lumiform’s entertainment templates, your team can ensure thorough documentation and adherence to industry standards, which is crucial for delivering successful and compliant events. Whether you’re managing guest lists, conducting risk assessments, or ensuring health and safety protocols, these templates provide the structured support necessary for seamless event execution. Enhance your event management processes with our comprehensive set of templates designed specifically for the entertainment industry.
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