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Ensure the functionality of your premise with a building commissioning checklist

A building commissioning checklist aims to assess the HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and building envelope systems and perform retro-commissioning as needed. Use this checklist to determine if the efficiency of existing equipment and systems of a building should be improved and create corrective actions that send and receive real-time notifications when complete, in progress, or still to do.
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Building Commissioning Checklist
Thermometers and gauges
Vibration isolation
Steam condensate system
Hot water heating systems
Computer room HVAC systems
Chemical water treatment systems
Cooling towers
Condenser water system
Air terminal unit systems, VAV, PIU, etc.
Duct silencers
Variable frequency drives and motors
Air distribution systems
Exhaust air systems
Trend logs
Network communication
Test and Balance verification
Refrigeration equipment and controls
Chilled Water System
Building Envelope
Roofing system – water-proofing, insulation, roof membrane, rain and ice shield, pitch, coping, flashing, curbs for mechanical equipment, downspouts, drains, scuppers
Exterior skin – curtainwall, storefront, masonry, brick/stone veneers, precast panels, metal panels, stucco / EIFS, siding
Walls – vapor barriers, insulation, mortar nets, weeps, joints, sealants, masonry ties
Slab on grade – vapor barriers, water-proofing, drainage, foundation drains
Doors and windows – sealants, mechanical operation, sills, flashing, end dams, hardware
Water tests, mockups, wind loads, thermal infiltration
Special design features – dome, cornice, canopy, skylight, etc.
Service switchgear
Emergency power system
Lighting controls (scheduled activators and occupancy sensors)
Daylight dimming controls
Lighting - exterior
Lighting - interior
Distribution panel boards
Motor Control Centers
Power monitoring and metering
Transient voltage surge suppressors
Variable frequency and speed drives
Grounding and ground fault systems
Over-current protective devices
Low voltage bus ways
Themiographic survey
Paging system and security
ATS auto transfer switches
Buss duct and tap devices
Fire alarm and smoke detectors
Standby and emergency power systems
Emergency lighting
Security systems
Electrical primary voltage system
Cleaning / flushing water systems
Trap primers
Vibration isolation
High purity water system
De-ionized water system
Thermometers and gauges
Irrigation systems
Water filtration (general use)
Domestic hot water systems
Tempered water systems
Fuel oil / gas systems
Potable water and booster pump systems and electors
Backflow preventers and relief valves
Is retro-commissioning performed?
Compressed air system
Steam condensate system
Not water heating system
Computer room HVAC system
Chemical water treatment system
Cooling towers
Air terminal unit systems, VAV, PIU. AHU, etc.
Humidifiers and controls
Variable frequency drives and motors
Air distribution systems
Exhaust air systems and building pressurization controls
Building automation systems, including controlled devices, sensors, control loops, and logic
Lighting controls (scheduled activators and occupancy sensors)
HVAC DX systems
Domestic hot water systems
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Please note that this checklist template is a hypothetical appuses-hero example and provides only standard information. The template does not aim to replace, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice, medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, or any other applicable law. You should seek your professional advice to determine whether the use of such a checklist is appropriate in your workplace or jurisdiction.
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