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Building Framing Inspection

This building framing inspection form guides you when checking a property under construction.

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Date of Framing Inspection?
Owners Name and address:
Site Address:
Contractors Name:
Inspectors Name:
Tax Map ID Number:
Building Permit Number:
Framing Inspection
Is the work area free of hazards?
Is all fire blocking installed in the proper locations?
Is the sill / sill plate properly fastened to the foundation?
Are hurricane clips or straps installed where the rafters / trusses meet the top plate?
Are joist hangars installed where required including floors, decks and balconies?
Are the studs, top plate and the rim joists sheathed/attached properly?
Do all door/window frames have proper sized headers and jacks installed?
Are egress windows framed in all sleeping areas?
Is all bathroom blocking installed in the proper locations?
Is all required fire walls / barriers installed properly?
Is the building completely and properly sheeted including roof?
Has the required roof ice shield been installed 2 feet inside the conditioned space?
Is there secured protection for decks, balconies and stairs?
Are all cantilevers sized and installed properly?
Inspection results
Does the framing pass the building inspection?
Date for re-inspection if framing does not pass inspection.
Signature of Owner or Representative
Signature of Building Inspector
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Please note that this checklist template is a hypothetical appuses-hero example and provides only standard information. The template does not aim to replace, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice, medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, or any other applicable law. You should seek your professional advice to determine whether the use of such a checklist is appropriate in your workplace or jurisdiction.
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