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Construction safety audit

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Construction safety audit


CFC Trailer Set Up

Grab & Go in place and properly set up?
All Subcontractor project specific safety plans in place?
Log of Subcontractor Competent Person in place and up to date?
Weekly safety orientation in place and log up to date?
Osha log in place along with required labor law poster?
Trailer electrical panel properly labeled?
Trailer clean and well kept?
Appropriate MSDS in place?
CFC staff current on OSHA and first aid/ CPR?
Are copies of locates kept in the trailer for information and record?

General site observations

All observed workers have CFC project orientation hard hat stickers
Site clean and adequate house keeping in place?
Fencing in place and complete?
Site security complete and in place?
Site signage in place and properly set up with safety postings at all entries?
Parking areas well defined and clean?
Dirt stockpiled in reasonable areas?
All excavations and trenches compliant?
Overhead power lines properly protected and addressed in site specific safety orientation?
Back up alarms working on all equipment?
Hard hats, safety glasses and vests worn by all?
Cranes operated safely and set up properly with documented daily inspection logs on board?
Certified drivers properly operating forklifts, scissor lifts and snorkel lifts?

Building safety

Scaffolding complete and properly installed?
Guard rails properly installed?
Fire extinguishers properly located in buildings?
Fire extinguishers properly charged and tagged?
Fall protection systems in place?
Nails in lumber not creating a safety hazard?
No potential struck by situations?
GFI inspections done regularly by the electrical contractor and a related log is to date?
City Hot work permit in place for any hot work, welding?
Lock out/ tag out procedures followed. No hot electrical work allowed?
Electrical cords in good shape and compliant?
Generators properly grounded?
Power Tools used properly and in good working condition?
Ladders used properly?
Hazardous materials stored properly, cylinders secured upright, gas cans labeled?
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