Employee Appraisal Template

Managers can use this template converted using Lumiform to assess employees throughout their 1:1 coaching gathering. Use this template to document yearly goals, employees' best skills or efforts, and the performance review throughout the year. This will help to decide if the employee does or doesn't satisfy management expectation and if there is further training needed.

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Employee Appraisal Template

Annual Coaching

Name your main yearly objectives (3 to 5):

Summarize the results (Write a short performance summary describing key results met and/or missed):

Employee Feedback

What were your best skills or efforts to the company this year?

What goals did you set for yourself? What can I expect from you in the following year?

Do you need help from the management? What kind of help/ with what?

Performance Assessment


General behaviour:

Hard and soft skills:

Quality of work:


Ambition and Motivation:

Team work:


Rate the overall performance:

Name and signature of employee:

Name and signature of supervisor: