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Organize departures with an employee offboarding checklist template

Offboarding checklist template helps ensure a smooth and professional exit for departing employees. The checklist covers tasks such as returning company property, completing paperwork, and conducting exit interviews.

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Rated 5/5 stars on Capterra

Organize departures with an employee offboarding checklist template


Required Paperwork

Resignation Letter
Non-Disclosure agreements
Exit Survey

Knowledge Turn-over

Technologies used (computers, files, special systems)
Special knowledge sources (binders, folders, formal protocols)
Necessary contacts and relationships
Tasks ongoing or uncompleted
Status report on all ongoing projects (due dates, deliverables)

Recover Assets (If any assets were issued during the job)

Laptop, cell phone, ID Card, Badge, Credit Cards, Parking Tags, Keys

Additional Items (For HR Staff)

Update passwords
Remove employee’s online account
Remove employee from the payroll
Update company directory
Update org chart
Change company website if employee’s name is mentioned on it
Redirect phone calls


Name & Signature of Employee
Name & Signature of Supervisor/Manager
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Streamline Your Offboarding Process with this Helpful Checklist Template

Offboarding employees can be a challenging process, but it is essential for any organization to ensure that the transition is smooth and professional. An offboarding checklist can help streamline this process and ensure that no important steps are missed.

An offboarding checklist template typically includes tasks such as collecting company property, disabling access to company systems, and conducting exit interviews. By utilizing this template, employers can ensure that the entire process is standardized, reducing the risk of legal issues and ensuring that all important steps are taken. Additionally, using a template can help ensure that the offboarding process is consistent and efficient for all employees leaving the organization. Overall, an offboarding checklist template is a valuable tool for any HR department or organization seeking to simplify and streamline their offboarding process.

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