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Welcome your employees with an employee induction checklist

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Rated 5/5 stars on Capterra

Welcome your employees with an employee induction checklist


Employee Welcome

Personal Details Form
Tax Declaration Form

Work Tasks and Job Description

Explain the duties of a traffic controller
Explain some jobs may require light labour (ie. installing klemfix)
Truck Mounted Attenuator Driver

Overview of Worksite Safety Requirements

Emergency Contacts
Explain who to do in an emergency
First Aid Kits - Locations and Authorized use
Health and Safety Representatives and First Aid Personnel
Crew Supervisors / Team Leaders and their Roles
Notice Board(s) : Safety Grams, Memo's and Notices
Contact Details of Office Staff
Protective Equipment Requirements, Including Client Specific Requirements (ie Night overalls on TSA, Hard Hats on Tenix etc)

Paperwork and Documentation Requirements

Occupational Health & Safety Policy
Hazard Reporting Procedure
Injury Reporting Procedure
Work Cover Claims Procedure
Issue Resolution Procedure
Job Safety Analysis Form
TMP/Signage Diary
Truck Check Dockets
Vehicle Return Checklist
Works Docket


Major Project Clients: -Tulla Sydney Alliance -Theiss -BLJV -John Holland
Cottage clients: -Eastlink -Citylink -Tenix -Bitumill
Client Specific Requirements: -Rail Vests -Night Overalls -Hard Hats

Trafficca Specifics

Employee's Responsibility for Safety
Personal Protective Equipment: -Explain what we supply, what we don't supply -Explain Client Specific Requirements for PPE
UHF Radio's. Explain this is a MUST for all employee's to have their own
Jobs ; Call-outs, Scheduled Works, Un-Scheduled Works
Text Messages - Explain what is required when receiving text messages and expected replies
Calendar of Availability. Explain the need to let us know about holidays or days not available in advance
Use of Fuel Card Supplied in Every Vehicle
Returning Vehicles to Base: -Reversing Vehicles in to correct parking areas while using a spotter -Vehicles only to enter forwards when towing an arrow board, other wise every vehicle must reverse in to factory

Induction Completion Sign off

Signature of Person Conducting Induction
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