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Field Service Report Template

An essential component of field service work is a field service report. This field service report template is used to record all services performed by technicians during customer visits. This template can be used by field staff to report any equipment defects, actions required and expenses involved.

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Field Service Report Template


Field Service Report

Work to be performed
Please specify work to be performed
Description of work
Take a photo of the problems identified
Actions performed
Have you completed work?

Follow Up Action Items

Click + to add Action items
Description of issue and open item
Recommended action
Target date

Defective / Damaged Device Summary Report

Click + to add devices replaced
Part #/Date code
Covered under warranty?
Description of Symptom/Failure/Cause
Click + to add devices needs to be ordered
Part #/Date code
Covered under warranty?
Description of Symptom/Failure/Cause


I confirm that the performed work, issues encountered, corrective actions, and follow up action items as stated in this report are accurate. If the required work is completed and that all issues were resolved; I confirm that system functionality, and any applicable system integration meets the design specifications. If follow up action items are required; I confirm that I will perform all of the necessary steps to complete all of the follow-up action items that are of my responsibility as stated in this report.
Technician/Service Practicioner Full Name and Signature
End User / Owner Name and Signature
Field Service Engineer Name and Signature
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Stay organized with this field service report template

Field service report templates can be extremely useful for businesses and technicians alike. They can help managers track the progress and performance of service personnel, as well as document how physical resources are being managed and maintained. Additionally, a service's performance reports can provide data on customer visits (such as repair work or installation) in order to better manage future needs.

Lumiform provides a customizable field service report template that can serve as a guide for inspectors to perform the following:

  • Determine the kind of service to be performed: repair, maintenance, installation, or other fieldwork and assessments on the construction site.
  • Describe the problem and take photo evidence of defects or damages.
  • Document actions that are taken and confirm if work was completed. If not, put follow-up action items.
  • Create a summary of the damaged or defective devices. Participants, which are the client, technician, and field service engineer, should provide digital signatures to validate the report.

  • A services performance report acts as a record of the work that has been completed as well as any alterations to your workplace or a specific project. With the help of this document, you can keep tabs on the development and advancement of your personnel, and on the other hand, your clients will be given additional information about how your job is going.

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