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Fire Hydrant Flow Test Sheet

Fire hydrants are critical components of public health and safety. For this reason, they need to be tested annually to ensure they are in optimal working condition. Report the findings of your fire hydrant flow test on this form. Analyze the flow test readings, such as tower level, size opening, static, coefficient, etc. to make sure the fire department isn’t in for any nasty surprises in the event of an unexpected fire. Inspect other emergency equipment in addition to the fire hydrant.

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Flow Test
Flow Test Readings
Tower level:
Tower low:
Static (psi):
Residual (psi):
Flow Hydrant:
Size Opening: 2.5
Coefficient: 0.9
Pitot Reading (psi):
Hydrant Map
Map Type:
Satellite Imagery Hydrant Map:
Do not design to the information provided on this form. The fire sprinkler design must account for the fluctuation in the water tower levels in accordance with NFPA 13. The adjusted pressure and flow information will be provided to you in a water flow test report. The water flow test report will be sent to the contact provided below by the Rockwall Fire Department within 5 working days from the date of this test.
Inspection Status
Additional Comments
Inspection Status
On-site Inspector:
Flow Test Inspection Status:
Acknowledgement of Receipt
Sprinkler Design Company:
Email Address:
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