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Forklift Truck Safety Checklist

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Forklift Truck Safety Checklist

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Operator Safety Information

Has the operator been trained or refreshed within the last three years?

Is there a copy of the operators certificate in their training file?

Has the operator signed an authorisation to operate form, renewable annually?

Is the operator aware of the correct fault reporting procedures?

Has the operator certification and authorisation to operate records been checked?

Date of training or refresher course?

Date of company written authorisation?

Truck Information

Truck Type?



Serial Number?


Motive power?


Visual checks

Carriage pate Is the safety data information plate attached and legible?

Load handling device (forks, clamp, etc)?

Backrest extension?


Mast rollers & slides?

Lift chains?

Chain pulleys?

Hydraulic rams?

Hydraulic cables?



All round external condition?


Has the key been removed when the lift truck is unattended?

Operators position?

Operators seat & seat restraint?

LPG cylinder (LPG powered truck)?

Operational Safety Checks

Starting procedure (engine truck)?

Starting procedure (electric truck)?

Starting procedure (LPG truck)?


Audible warning system?

All hydraulic systems?

Driving operation (no play in the steering)?

Foot brake function?

Park brake function?

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Is the lift truck In a safe operational condition?


Operators signature.

Safety officer signature.

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