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Gemba Walk Checklist

A Gemba Walk is a Kaizen lean manufacturing practice of always going to the source of the problem so as to grasp the real issues and verify facts. The Gemba Walk should not take more than thirty minutes with focus on the following key points: 1. Check the seven wastes, 2. Follow the flow from end of the process to the beginning, 3. Check the four Ms of man, machine, materials and methods, 4. Check for abnormal conditions and 5. Check for availability of standards.

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Gemba Walk Checklist

Seven Wastes

Are people waiting for materials or are materials waiting for people at the workstations?
Are there in-process storage areas to minimize movement?
Is there too much inventory in the storage areas?
Do workers appear to be making unnecessary movements in their work
Are workers producing as per order?
Are products staying longer in process than the prescribed time?
Is there presence of defective products?

Production Flow

Is the flow of materials evident?

Four Ms

Are workstations manned?
Are there any machine breakdowns?
Are people following standards?
Are materials available?

Abnormal Conditions

Are there any abnormal conditions such as leaks, breakages and dirt?

Standards Work

Are standards up to date?
Are standards present?


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