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Use a Kaizen report template to determine requirements

Kaizen report template is a useful tool for implementing the kaizen system in your company. Use this kaizen report template to easily determine the project, category and section/process. You can also identify the root cause of the problem (including 8 wastes), capture photo evidence before and after implementing kaizen, designate improvement measures such as 5S, Gemba, etc. and finish the kaizen report with a digital signature.

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Rated 5/5 stars on Capterra

Use a Kaizen report template to determine requirements

Kaizen Report Template

Name the Project Title:

Current Situation

Attach photos before implementing kaizen:

Root Cause Analysis

What is the potential cause?
Root Cause of the problem:

Improvement Measures

Select all that apply


Attach photos after implementing kaizen:
Write down the benefits of your results:


Do you have any additional comments


Name & Designation:
Name and Signature of Quality Manager
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Continuous improvement with an Kaizen report template

Utilizing a kaizen report template is an often effective way of improving a company's performance. It is a system that emphasizes continual improvement, and using a kaizen report template can help you make sure your efforts are coordinated and focused. This document will provide you with the basic information you need to begin implementing kaizens in your workplace.

Continuous improvement initiatives are documented and compiled in a Kaizen report. It is used to disseminate improvements and best practices throughout a company, department, or group.

Kaizen reports can be distributed via a variety of channels, including the intranet, emails, public bulletin boards, and specific bulletin boards for Kaizen. Kaizen activities should always be written in a straightforward and understandable manner so that every team member may quickly grasp them.

Additionally, Kaizen reports that include illustrations and images tend to get more attention. Lumiform’s intuitive and customizable Kaizen report template offers all these features in order to effectively improve your company’s performance moving forward.

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