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Leadership Competency Assessment Template

Use this competency assessment template to evaluate if potential leaders have the ability to lead and support their subordinates. Evaluate if a candidate can engage and motivate individuals while maintaining professionalism. Provide an overall competency assessment rating if the candidate is suitable for the job based on the total score accumulated.

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Leadership Competency Assessment Template


Decision Making

Working knowledge and understanding of applicable collective agreements, information systems, and financial policies & processes

Ability to gather relevant information, utilize various problem-solving tools and methods to draw accurate conclusions

Seek input from relevant stakeholders to increase the probability of success and collaboration

Effectively analyze and evaluate information and situations and render effective decisions

Demonstrate creativity and innovation when reaching decisions or solving problems

Development of Others

Effectively recruit, select, develop, and retain talent

Engage and motivate individuals

Coach and develop individuals for continuous development

Foster a learning and development culture

Support Work Performance

Align people, work, and systems with the strategic directions

Make appropriate work assignments, set individual goals, milestones and performance indicators with each individual on the team

Evaluate results and provide feedback

Discuss and document performance discussion with a goal to improve individual performance

Utilize the PDG process to advance, support, and develop individuals

Support under-performing employees in an appropriate and timely manner.

Building a Team

Work cooperatively and constructively with others to achieve valued outcomes, including partnering, teamwork, and building alliances to achieve win-win solutions

Build participative approaches to assignments

Develop and maintain professional working relationships, especially in difficult situations

Consider and respond appropriately to the needs and feelings of different audiences/situations/cultures

Build trust, respect, and commitment

Value Diversity

Value diverse approaches to work, abilities, perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds

Modify behavior and leadership style to engage individuals involved

Perceive and react to the needs of others

Promote equitable, fair treatment and opportunity in employment and maintain a work environment that is free of discrimination and harassment

Support employees requiring accommodations respectfully and effectively


Reference Guide: • Look at the total score above and select the relevant overall competency rating: Competent: 90-100% Needs Work: 40-89% Not suitable: 0-39%

Recommendations / Overall Competency Assessment Rating

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