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Mining Inspection Form

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Rated 4.8/5 stars on Capterra
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Mining Inspection Form


Required training completed

Risk Assessment Completed/FLRA Completed/Reviewed



Eye Protection (sealed, close-fitting, face shield)

Foot Protection (met guards)

Hearing Protection (plugs, muff, both)

Hand Protection (proper glove for the task)

Respiratory Protection (1/2, full, supplied)

Fall Protection (harness, SRL, lanyard, 100% tie-off


General Facility/Site Conditions/Housekeeping

Surface / Floor / Wall / Ceilings

Exits / Egress Routes Clear / Signage Posted

Stairways / Walkways / Ramps / Platforms

Driveways / Aisles

Warning Signs / Markings / Postings

General and Emergency Lighting


Orderliness & Material / Chemical Storage

Stacking And Storage

Organized / Not Congested / Stable

Containers Provided For Debris

Spill Containment and Response / Proper Resources

Proper Container in Use - Labelled

MSDS Available and Reviewed


Fire Protection

Fire Extinguishers Provided & Inspected

No Smoking - Flammable - Combustible Signs

Flammable / Combust Liquid / Material Storage

Welding & Cutting (Flash Arrestors)

Oxy - Fuel Cylinders Stored 25' Apart

Hot Work Permitted / Emergency Controls


Fall Protection

Underfoot Walking Working Surface Safe

Handrail Systems / Perimeter Guards

Scaffolding Properly Installed & Inspected

Ladder Condition, Setup, Tie Off & Use

Personnel Practicing 100% Tie Off

Wall Openings Guarded and Holes Covered


Confined Space

Permits Completed and Posted

Air Movement Systems in Place

Respiratory System Being Used

Supplied Air System Inspected and Signed Off

Confined Space Watch in Place


Energy Isolation Program (LOTO)

GFCI in place and being used

Cords - Tools - Plugs Inspected & Colour-Coded

High Voltage Hazards Marked

Generators and Welders Grounded


Equipment - Cranes, Loaders, Forklifts, Aerial Lifts & All Other Machines

Daily Pre-Use Inspection Completed / Signed

Alarms, Horns, and Warning Lights Working

Guards in Place / Wheel Chalks

Overall Safe Operation Condition


Tools, Equipment and Rigging

Hand-Power Tools Free of Defects

Air Guns & Hoses Pinned / Check Valves

Slings, Chains, Rigging Inspected & Tagged

Saw-Horses / Cribbing