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Mystery Shopper Checklist Template for Coffee Shop

This simple mystery check questionnaire for cafés focuses on the overall experience of a guest. Rate the ambience and note whether your name was considered and used when ordering. Check if cutlery and napkins were provided. The environment should be comfortable, the mix of music and light should be right. Finally, a general assessment should be made to complete the mystery checklist.

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Mystery Shopper Checklist Template for Coffee Shop



Time of arrival
Time of beverage order
order received
Time of Meal order
order received
Amount of Guests
Total of Bill
Time of leaving

1.0 Exterior appearance

1.1 Did you easily find the café?
1.2 Was the lighting adequate and operational
1.3 Was the exterior clean and inviting?
Score 1 out of 6

2.0 Internal appearance and Ambiance

2.1 Was the store clean and inviting
2.3 Number of customers in the Cafe
2.3 All Lights are in working order and free from dust
2.5 Number of visible staff
2.6 Background music is at an appropriate level
2.7 Positioning of tables is orderly and provides wheel chair access
Score 1 out of 10

3.0 Service

3.1 Where you greeted upon arrival?
3.2 How long before you where acknowledged?
3.3 Did the waiter introduce himself/herself?
3.6 Was your meal order taken soon after you entered?
3.5 Were children offered any form of entertainment?
3.7 Did your waitperson read back your order
3.8 Were you asked if your meals are satisfactory during your meal
Score 1 out of 14

4.0 Beverages

4.3 Did you receive what you ordered?
4.1 Was your coffee free from bitterness or acidity
4.2 Was the coffe rich and flavourful?
4.4 Did your beverage arrive with clean glassware?
4.5 Were you asked for a second drink order before or during your meal
4.6 Did you receive the order in a timely manner
Score 1 out of 12

5.0 Food

5.2 Did you receive the correct order?
5.3 Is the meal reflective of what you ordered off the menu?
5.4 Did you receive your order in a timely manner?
5.5 Did your cutlery arrive clean and prior to your meal?
5.6 Was the meal presented appropriately?
5.7 Did your meal have the correct temperature
5.8 Were your empty plates cleared soon after you finished eating?
5.9 Was dessert offered after your meal?
Score 1 out of 18

6.0 Restrooms

6.1 Restrooms Floors, Walls and Ceiling are clean and in good repair.
6.2 Hand basins are clean and in working order.
6.3 Soap dispensers are clean and stocked.
6.4 Trash cans are lined, cleaned and emptied
6.5 Toilets and urinals are clean and work correctly.
6.6 Area is free from any odors
Score 1 out of 12

7.0 Staff, Appearance, Awareness

7.2 Was the staff dressed appropriately?
7.1 Was the staff friendly?
7.3 Was the staff attentive?
7.4 Was the staff knowledgable about the menu
Score 1 out of 10
Total Score
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