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Restaurant Operation Checklist

Assess your restaurant’s readiness to handle an influx of customers at prime eating hours. Make sure your facility is fully stocked and operational by following this restaurant operation checklist. Whatever your preference, a restaurant operation checklist guarantees a seamless dining experience. It verifies the absence of expired food items, ensures thorough sanitization of cooking utensils and surfaces, and confirms that the staff is friendly and well-prepared to welcome visitors.

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Any expired dough? (5)
Is there some of each size dough available and proofed at dough table? Dough (including pan dough) must not be used directly from walk-in cooler
Manager knows how to do "WOW the concern" role play? (Apologize, give them what they want + something extra, thank them)
All employees working on makeline wearing clean aprons?
Everyone clean shaven? Facial hair clean, neatly trimmed, less than 1" (2.5cm) in length and "well defined". This is not an excuse to randomly neglect shaving.
Any team members with hair that exceeds the hair collar and not properly restrained (either tucked under hat or tied back)?
Any team members have dyed hair in unnatural colors (green, blue, pink, etc.) or extreme hair styles?
Everyone in proper uniform & hat; drivers wearing only Dominos approved jackets; undershirt correct color? - all shirts must be tucked in, including promotional T-shirts -pants, shorts, skirts, and capris must be of a permanent press or cotton-type material, free from any decorative applications or embroidery applications, and properly hemmed - NO denim, "stretchy", Yoga pants, sweatpants, or corduroy material allowed - undershirts must be tucked in and have no visible markings - shorts must have a minimum inseam of 6" and be no longer than 2" below the knee - all team members wearing pants/shorts/skirts with belt loops must also wear a belt - belts must be black with NO decorative buckles
Any jewelry worn meet standards? - Non-food preparation team members: hoop earrings of maximum 3/4" diameter and stud earrings (limit of 2 earrings per ear); inexpensive watches, a simple necklace, and wedding rings may be worn. No other visible body piercings are permitted. - food preparation team members: hoop earrings of maximum 3/4" diameter and stud earrings (limit of 2 earrings per ear); wedding rings and a simple necklace only. No other visible body piercings permitted. -tongue piercings must be removed before work. A clear tongue retainer with no graphics may be worn while at work in place of the tongue ring only. - grommets/gauges must be removed and replaced with a flesh colored plug. Gauge must be smaller than 3/4" diameter in size.
Is the customer area clean, with menus available?
Any expired squeeze bottles?
Any prepped salads? Are they dated and not expired (good for 24 hours once prepped)
Any expired salad items? - salad mix - dressings - grape tomatoes - carrots
Any expired Coke products?
Any expired sauce cups?
Are all items visibly dated, and the dates are correct? The following situations REQUIRE expiration dates: - unopened frozen products removed from the original case - any prepped/opened product
Are all prepped wings, boneless chicken, and pre-cut specialty chicken properly dated? (Good for 2 days once prepped)
Is everyone saying "Welcome to Dominos!" Or some other warm greeting to everyone entering the store within 9 seconds? (This includes the OER Coach!) Greetings must be sincere, smile, and eye contact made with the customer/OER Coach
Fingernails cleaned and neatly trimmed within 1/4" (1cm) beyond the end of the fingertips, with no painted or fake nails?
Is the outside entry area and parking lot area clean with no trash, cigarette butts, or weeds?
Are the drivers ready for "at the door" role play? Key points: - smile - make eye contact - give correct change!!! Including coins! - thank them
Are all tills skimmed of large bills? The combination of all cash drawers (anywhere that money is not secured in the safe) can NOT exceed $150. If you have two tills, no more than $75 each. 3 tills, no more than $50 each....
Is area where money is dropped in to the safe locked and on a time delay of at least 9 minutes?
Are the Thin Crust shells at dough table dated (good for 8 hours at room temp)
Is there at least one properly working scale in use on makeline?
Is there plenty of sauce available at dough table to handle business, and sauce in use is at a minimum of 50°?
Are there any non-Domino's related materials in customer area (such as window advertisements, signs, etc.)??
Are there any handwritten signs in customer view?
Are all exterior lights and signage properly lit when appropriate?
Is the entire staff properly washing their hands frequently, especially before food preparation?
Are ALL handsinks stocked with paper towels, hand soap, and are reasonably clean?
Are there test strips available for testing sanitizing water at the 3-compartment sink?
Are there ANY items stored directly on the floor or on dough trays?
Is there a properly working and calibrated thermometer in use on the top makeline rail?
Is there a properly working and calibrated thermometer in use in the walk-in cooler? (In a bucket of water)
Are all drivers carrying coin change, and have no more than $20 anywhere on their person? This includes store money and personal money. Are drivers making regular drops after deliveries?
Do ALL drivers know when to make Security Callbacks? - all new customers - suspicious orders
Do all drivers have a car top sign that are approved, clean, illuminated, and in good repair?
Are all delivery vehicles clean and free of debris on the inside, not showing excessive exterior damage or wear and tear, and free of any third-part advertising, offensive or controversial bumper stickers, paint or spray painted messages, signs, or like messages?
Is the makeline cabinet stocked with sufficient food to handle the day's expected sales?
Are there enough pan pizza sauce squeeze bottles prepped and at room temperature for day's expected pan mix? MUST be prepped using FRESH pizza sauce, NOT from the current pizza sauce tub in use
Are all surfaces and utensils that come in contact with a finished product cleaned and sanitized every 2 hours to reduce harmful bacteria levels? - pizza cutters - pizza peels - knives - bubble fork - cut table
Any team members using tobacco products in the store or in customer view?
Is the walk-in temperature within 33°F and 38°F?
Are the makeline bins temperatures within 33°F and 41°F?
Are the makeline cabinet temperatures within 33°F and 40°F?
Is the beverage cooler temperature within 33°F and 41°F?
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Delivering Excellence: Restaurant Operation Checklist

Whatever your culinary preference may be, a restaurant operation checklist plays a pivotal role in ensuring an exceptional dining experience. This comprehensive tool allows establishments to reaffirm critical aspects, such as the absence of expired food items, thorough sanitization of cooking utensils and surfaces, and the readiness of staff to greet and serve visitors with warmth and professionalism. By diligently adhering to this checklist, restaurants prioritize food safety, maintain impeccable standards, and instil confidence in their patrons.

It acts as a guide, enabling continuous monitoring and evaluation of essential operational elements, including ingredient quality, hygiene practices, and customer service. With the restaurant operation checklist as their compass, dining establishments can consistently deliver excellence, leaving guests satisfied, impressed, and eager to return for more memorable culinary moments.

Please note that this checklist template is a hypothetical appuses-hero example and provides only standard information. The template does not aim to replace, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice, medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, or any other applicable law. You should seek your professional advice to determine whether the use of such a checklist is appropriate in your workplace or jurisdiction.
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