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Shopping mall inspection checklist for a safer mall

A shopping mall inspection checklist is a tool used by safety inspectors to ensure that all safety standards are met within the mall. It is used to identify potential hazards, assess the fire safety of the building, and ensure that all equipment is in good condition.

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Shopping mall inspection checklist for a safer mall


Inspection report for Shopping Centres

Contractor Management

1. Are all restricted areas locked & with clear signage?
2. Is the contractor/key box locked, with all relevant forms and keys?
3. Are contractors using the contractor box?

Fire Protection Systems & Emergency Management

1) Verify the Fire Protection Equipment is present in all required locations, in good visual condition, no obstructions to access, with appropriate signage, and inspection tags have been stamped where relevant:
1a) Fire Extinguishers (tagged
1b) Fire Hose Reels (tagged
1c) Fire Doors (closed & in good condition)
1d) Fire Passages (free of all obstructions)
1e) Emergency Lighting & Exit Signs
1f) Hydrants
1g) Fire Indicator Panel (no faults, alarms or isolates indicated)
1h) Fire Sprinkler System (check log book)
1i) Early Warning Intercommunication System (EWIS)
2) Is the Evacuation Plan clearly displayed in all areas?

Internal Areas

1) Are all floors and ground surfaces clean and free of slip/trip hazards?
2) Are lighting levels satisfactory?
3) Are toilet facilities clean & stocked with supplies?
4) Is the general presentation and cleanliness satisfactory?
5) Are air conditioning systems operating effectively?
6) Are retailer directory boards up to date?
7) Are vacant areas locked, clean and presentable?
8) Is the CCTV fully operational and recording?
9) Are all signs in good condition and illuminated where relevant?
10) Are lifts and escalators clean, well lit and functioning, with NO missing comb teeth on escalators?
11) Are all tenancy shopfronts clean & presentable?
12) Are all plant & distribution rooms locked, neat and tidy, free from debris and trip hazards?
13) Are auto doors operating correctly? (check radars and PE sensors)
14) Are all CML sites, vending machines & rides clean and operating?
15) Is background music playing at a suitable volume?
16) Are all tenants trading within their lease lines / licensed areas?

External Areas

1) Are all paths and walkways clean and free of slip/trip hazards?
2) Are exterior walls & surfaces clean, in good repair & free of graffiti?
3) Is exterior / security lighting working?
4) Is external signage current and in good condition?
5) Have waste bins been emptied and is rubbish area clean & tidy?
6) Are fences & gates undamaged and free of graffiti?
7) Are gardens & lawns well presented and free from rubbish?
8) Is car park surface in good condition & free of potholes, slip & trip hazards?
9) Is car park tidy & bollards/speed humps undamaged?
10) Is the car park ventilation system working correctly?

General Notes

Please make a note of any issues not already identified in this report.
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Ensure that all areas of the mall are well-maintained

A shopping mall inspection checklist is a tool used to ensure that a shopping mall is safe, secure and well-maintained. The checklist is designed to help identify potential risks and to ensure that all safety, security and maintenance regulations are being followed. It typically covers the entire mall, from the parking lot to the interior of the mall, and can be used to ensure that all areas are safe and up to code.

The checklist typically includes items such as making sure that the parking lots are well-lit and free of debris and hazards, that the mall exterior is free of any graffiti, that the interior is free from any structural damage, that the fire alarm and sprinkler systems are working properly, and that the elevators and escalators are functioning safely. It also includes checking the security cameras and other security equipment, making sure the mall is adhering to all applicable fire codes, and ensuring that all entrances and exits are properly marked and secured. Lumiform's provided checklists can be customized to your specific needs.

By using a shopping mall inspection checklist, mall owners and operators can ensure that their mall is meeting all safety and security regulations and is providing a safe and enjoyable shopping experience for their customers.

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