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Trailer Inspection Checklist

Run through this DOT trailer inspection checklist before starting the engine. During the pre-check, you’ll:

  • 1) Check for damage to the exterior of the tow vehicle and trailer
  • 2) Ensure the breaks and electrical systems are working properly
  • 3) The tire pressure is within the margins of the manufacturer’s recommendations
  • 4) There is all required safety equipment on board in case of an emergency
  • 5) The tow hitch, safety chains, brake-away cable, trailer plug, and handbrake are all present and in good working condition.

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Trailer Inspection Checklist


Please enter date and time which trailer was checked
Which trailer will you be using?

Trailer check list to be completed before using any trailer

Is there any noticeable damage to the trailer? If the answer is yes, please specify and attach a photo of the damage
Do all doors open, close, and lock properly?
Are all lights on the trailer operational?
Are the brakes on the trailer operational?
Is the brake-away cable function on the trailer operational?
Are the tires on the trailer safe to use, or are they a risk due to wear/damage?
Is the tire pressure on the trailer in accordance to the manufacture's recommendations?
Are there safety chains present on the trailer?
Are there useable shackles present on the safety chains?
Is the winch operational?
Is the trailer clean and ready for use?
Is the trailer lock on the trailer?
Has the trailer been signed out in the log book?

Tow vehicle to trailer safety list

Is the tow hitch securely fitted to the tow ball of the vehicle?
Are the safety chains attached (and crossed if two chains are present) to the vehicle?
Is the brake-away cable (if applicable) attached with the safety chains to the vehicle?
Is the trailer plug on the towing vehicle from the trailer secured, and is the jockey wheel raised with the handle to the rear?
Has the handbrake on the trailer (if applicable) been released?
Please print your name and then sign
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