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Warehouse Management Software Checklist

Use this WMS requirements list to select the most appropriate warehouse management software (WMS) for your needs. These warehouse management software (WMS) requirements should be assessed for their different features. These include general features and those for picking and packing, inventory control, shipping, etc.

This warehouse management software checklist evaluates the different features according to three categories: Excellent, Adequate and Deficient. Thanks to the stored score system, additional warehouse management software can then be analyzed to see how well they match your requirements for a WMS.

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Warehouse Management Software Checklist
General Features
Paperless check-in
Bar code verification and labeling
One-step put away to bins
Stock immediately available for picking
Cross-referencing of supplier part numbers
Incorrect shipment identification
Normal, wave, and random receiving options
RMA (Return Materials Authorization) processing
Random storage
Efficient handling of special and non-stock items
Discrepancy reports
Inbound freight management
Low stock alert
Picking and Packing Features
Direct picking to shipping carton(s)
Variety of picking styles: wave, batch, order, and product picking
Simultaneous and sequential zone picking
Support for carousels
Forward picking from fast-flow locations
Product substitutions
Carton picking from dedicated or random locations
Kitting function
Order verification and price ticketing in multiple formats
Concurrent replenishment and picking
Tracking of serial numbers or lot codes
Bin assignment with reach and size codes
Inventory Control Features
FIFO stock rotation
Cycle county by date/product/bin location
Audited product relocation
Inventory tracking of product through the warehouse
Fill Rate Management for a flexible predictive allocation process
Tracking of both picking and overstock
Replenishment requests based on actual orders (vs. min/max)
Paperless replenishment requests are issued as bins run down
Stock adjustments
Slotting recommendations
Shipping Features
Integrated multi-carrier shipping system
Packing slips on demand
Shipping labels produced at start of picking process
Tracking of vital shipping information
Estimates shipment cube
Compliance labeling and ASN’s
Generates ASN, Automatic Customs, Dangerous Goods documents
Rate shopping
Prints correct freight labels
Automatic manifesting
Invoicing Features
Invoice printing based upon actual fill
Backorder processing
Gift certificates
Shipping and handling
Ship from Retail Store Features
Postal/Zip code order routing
All-or-nothing allocation
Batch pick, backroom re-pack, efficient handling
Wireless handheld devices, bar code printers, laser printers
Shipping system manifests by store
Cascade Purchasing Features
Maintain availability from vendors
Create purchase orders on demand
Virtual distributed warehouse
Status Updated on Web Storefront Features
Order status updates to storefront
Track and trace shipments online
E-mail notification of shipment to client
Product availability updates to storefront
Web/Retail Operations Features
Remote management
Order aging
Customer service access
Efficient order handling
Internal order support
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