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Digital checklists ensure that audits or inspections are carried out correctly at the right time and in the right place. Let the following examples show you how diverse the possible use cases are.

3 Plans in the Landfill Safety Checklist to Control Hazards

Landfill Safety Checklist

Using a landfill safety checklist will ensure compliance with landfill safety rules and improve the competency of workers. Know the warning signs of explosive gas buildup and other hazards that are prone to landfills. Read this article to find out more! Find out more

3-Step Guide on Using a Mental Health Risk Assessment Checklist

Mental Health Risk Assessment Checklist

Promote mental health wellness and ensure peak productivity by using a mental health risk assessment checklist. Learn about the three steps to successfully completing a mental health risk assessment so employees stay happy and healthy. Find out more

5S + Safety Checklist To Complete The 6S Lean Method

5S Checklist

Want to learn more about what a 5S audit entails? Find out how to put the five S approach into practice with these five steps: sort, set, shine, standardize, and sustain. Promote order and safety in the workplace with a mobile app for performing 5S audits with Lumiform. Find out more

A Fool Proof Checklist For Waterproofing Inspections

Waterproofing Inspection Checklist

A waterproofing inspection checklist ensures that the quality of the waterproofing installation adheres to the building codes. It also guides inspectors on what to look for and serves as a record of their observations and recommendations. Find out more

A HAZOP Template To Prevent Plant Hazards And Disasters

HAZOP Process

Learn about the history of HAZOP, what it is, and how to perform one with the help of an example. Identify hazards and deviations within any type of processing plant. Perform your study with Lumiform’s free HAZOP template. Find out more

A helpful Tool: The Automotive Workshop Safety Checklist

Automotive Workshop Safety Checklist

Quickly identify key safety issues in automotive workshops and improve your automotive workshop layout. Benefit from using automotive workshop checklists with a mobile app. Find out more

A Home Office Checklist For Long-Term Ergonomics

Home Office Checklist

Use a home office checklist to make your home office workstation is ergonomic to support long-term productivity. Learn why it’s important to utilize a checklist for work-from-home-employees and what items should be listed on it. Reduce the number of injury claims with Lumiform’s free digital software. Find out more

A Quality Assurance Checklist To Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Quality Assurance Checklist

A quality assurance policy is a systematic approach to preventing unexpected costs during each step of production. Learn how to implement your own quality assurance policy with some tried and true techniques. By using the free Lumiform app, you can detect potential and reoccurring problems early on. Find out more

A Termite Inspection Form Might Just Save Your Property

Termite Inspection Form

A termite inspection form proves that your property is clear of termite infestation. Want to know more about what damages termites cause to properties and homes? Be aware of the signs and catch the termites in the act. Find out more

A3 Report Checklist: Problem Solving Made Easier

A3 Report Checklist

What is an A3 Report? What are the 7 Elements of an A3 Audit? How is it structured? And how can a digital solution benefit your business? All these questions and more are answered in the article below. Keep reading to find out how Lumiform’s free app and templates can help you develop better problem-solving strategies! Find out more

Adhere to Federal Laws With A Safety Audit Checklist

Safety Audit Checklist

Use a safety audit checklist to adhere to state and federal regulations to avoid fines and stay in compliance. Find out more about what it takes to keep your employees safe and healthy while at work. By digitizing your safety audit checklist, you can easily include OSHA regulations into your checklist so you can prioritize worker safety at all times. Find out more

Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) Checklist

Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) Checklist

Catch product defects early with an Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) checklist! Read about the five most common challenges that quality managers face when implementing the APQP method and meet product specifications before they hit the market. Try it all out for free with the Lumiform app! Find out more