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Attendance Sheet

Use an attendance list to keep track of your team's attendance or at events.

Employee Daily Attendance Sheet

This employee daily attendance sheet is intended for small and medium-sized businesses.

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Construction Site Attendance Register Template

This construction site attendance register template is used to digitally record employee attendance.

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Child Care Attendance Sheet Template

Use this template to document the child’s sign in and out.

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What is an attendance list needed for?

Daily attendance tracking during working hours, helps companies keep track of and document the attendance of their employees. Depending on the focus of the business, an attendance list can help with work scheduling, payroll, , seminar scheduling, compliance, and productivity.

Attendance sheets don't just occur in the direct labor environment, however. Event planners, seminar organizers, sports facilities, schools and daycare centers also use attendance lists. According to this, an attendance list in general use is a document used to prove the presence of a group at a location within a time-limited framework.

In the wake of the Corona pandemic, attendance records have been forced to boom. In order to track contacts and compliance, individuals are now required to sign attendance lists in areas of daily life where it was otherwise not common (e.g., when visiting restaurants, theaters, cinemas, museums, recreational, amateur, and competitive sports, lodging establishments).

This article briefly discusses:

1. The importance of attendance control in various fields

2. The structure of an attendance list

3. The benefits of a digital attendance tracking application

Why attendance documentation is important

Without an attendance tracking system, it can be difficult for team leaders to keep track of employees working hours and ensure they are meeting their obligations. At the same time, these systems can be used to document unexcused absences and initiate countermeasures.

With the help of attendance records, not only employers in various industries save time and reduce errors in evaluating the attendance of their employees. Attendance lists also provide peace of mind in other areas of life when it comes to scheduling, insurance coverage, and coordinating information.

1. Comply with regulations

HR managers in companies use attendance monitoring to be able to check that agreed-upon working hours are being observed. In schools and daycare centers, the attendance list is used to prove that students and children in care were in the care of the institution during a specific period of time.

2. Document

In many areas, the daily attendance record also serves primarily as proof that someone attended an event. These include continuing education, conferences and trade shows, sports courses, volunteer services, or other recreational activities.

3. Collecting information

Collection of personal data of participants and visitors via attendance lists also serve to safeguard organizers or other responsible groups of people. In emergencies or special situations such as the Corona pandemic, fires or other disasters, contacts or the presence of people can be verified in this way. In addition, attendance lists for event organizers simultaneously provide information for a detailed customer portfolio.

The structure of an attendance list

Depending on the function, goal and context, there are different formats of attendance lists. Here, two questions must always be asked:

  1. What information do I need from the person?
  2. What information would I like to have from the person?

The required information usually includes: first and last name, full address and phone number, email address if applicable, date and time if applicable.

Other information includes: job position, company name, reason for attendance (e.g., continuing education, speaker, etc.), invitations, confirmations, room lists, seating lists, special requests, arrival and departure dates, transfer requests, accompanying persons and others.

Such extensive information, like the last mentioned, is usually requested at events like trainings, conferences or trade fairs to get a comprehensive picture of the participants. This detailed information from attendance lists supports planning, but also helps with analysis after the event is over and serves as an important data basis for future events.

It is important for all types of attendance lists that the data protection regulations are complied with, i.e. that the data is not passed on to third parties and must be protected from their access. Attendance lists specified by the legislator must be kept for the duration of the prescribed period and must be handed over in full on request. At the end of the period, the attendance lists must be destroyed.

In the case of attendance lists required by law, companies, institutions and event organizers are also obliged to ensure that the information provided by individuals is complete and true. They must check whether the lists contain obviously false information (plausibility check). Individuals who refuse to provide their contact information or provide incomplete or false information must be excluded from receiving the service or activity.

The benefits of a digital attendance system


With the help of the Lumiform app and software, you can digitally upgrade and implement a smart attendance system in your business. This can drastically reduce errors in manual processes by logging attendance via a mobile device and instantly storing it in the cloud. This enables clean, transparent documentation.

Furthermore, Lumiform enables through digital attendance records:

  • To get an immediate overview of the presence of employees or participants on site.

  • Create a complete report from all attendance records automatically - this saves complete follow-up.

  • Add pictures and notes as additional supporting documents to the attendance list.

  • Easily track times spent by staff in the company or by attendees at events.

  • Use the flexible form builder to adapt attendance lists to new circumstances over and over again.

  • Save time by making it easier to analyze all data and more quickly identify areas that need attention.

  • The very simple operation provides no room for error. The app offers less complexity to document or complete than paper or Excel lists.

  • Allow attendance to be confirmed by electronic signature.

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