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Coaching Evaluation Form

Conduct regular coaching evaluations to improve their performance.

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Coaching Evaluation Form

This customizable coaching evaluation form template asks the questions you need to ask to support employees in their development.

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Annual Coaching Template

Use this template for the annual coaching and document what the employee considers his or her best performance during the year.

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Why are coach evaluation forms important?

Coaching questions aim to generate process-oriented consulting and focus on professional issues. Coaching questions are part of a form of consulting to accompany and support your employees in their professional development. A coaching evaluation form assists you in recognizing the strengths and abilities of your employees and in applying them correctly. Your company will benefit from this in the long term and your employees will experience their professional activities as more fulfilling.

This article will inform you about the following topics:

1. Typical topics discussesed in coaching evaluation forms

2. 3 general coaching types

3. A mobile solution for coaching evaluation forms

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Typical topics discussesed in coaching forms

Coaching forms promote self-reflection and improves the perception, behaviour and participants benefit from a sustainable learning effect. A coaching evaluation form is used in a wide variety of areas and can vary greatly in content. The most important topics in coaching evaluation include:

  • Professional reorientation
  • Personal position-fixing, strength analysis and direction-finding
  • Management tasks and competencies
  • Dealing with conflicts
  • Career and professional development
  • Decisions and changes
  • Management of virtual conferences
  • Stress management and targeted burnout prophylaxis

3 general coaching types

Depending on the respective goal of the coaching questions, a distinction is made between different types of coaching. In the following 3 common applications of a question catalogue are listed:

1. Goals coaching

Goals serve as orientation and development regarding professionally and personally. The goals coaching is carried out with the support of a coaching guide. The coaching forms support the coach in defining, maintaining and achieving the set goals. This coaching evaluation form can be interesting for people who want to develop their professional skills. The coaching protocol summarizes the professional opportunities and includes a coaching plan for implementation.

2. Development coaching

By using development coaching, the development potential of a person is analysed and promoted. The person is supported in recognising his or her potential and strengths, promoting them and constantly developing further.

3. Values coaching

A coaching guide can support your company in shaping your values. These values can affect the employees, the working atmosphere and ultimately the success of your company. These values create a company image which you represent to the outside world. Unfortunately, companies are often not able to implement the values they strive for. Through coaching evaluation forms and appropriate coaching questions, these values can be easily established.

A mobile solution for coaching forms

Given the extensive coaching questions that are required, filling out paper-based coaching evaluation forms present challenges. On the one hand, filling it out is time-consuming, and on the other hand, paper lists make it difficult to keep track of changes and analysis.

Digitalization of coaching evaluation forms simplifies the process of giving feedback and enable to gain actionable insights. Lumiform is a powerful digital application that automatically creates paperless coaching protocols according to a consistent pattern.

  • The results from the evaluation are automatically processed into a report - this saves the complete postprocessing.
  • Save time by analysing all data more efficiently and identifying areas that need your attention more quickly.
  • The very simple operation offers no margin for error. The app offers less complexity in documenting or filling out checklists than complicated paper or Excel lists.
  • Lumiform offers over ready-made templates to start quickly and safely with digital coaching evaluation.
  • All coaching evaluation forms are safely stored in the cloud.

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