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Lone Working Risk Assessment

Immediately report risks at any time via the Lumiform mobile app to improve the monitoring of working conditions.

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Lone Working Risk Assessment Template

Use this template to identify and evaluate hazards present in the workplace.

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Lone Working Risk Assessment Checklist (Hazard Report)

Use this template to report any hazard present during the work shift.

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What is a lone working risk assessment ?

A lone working risk assessment is used to ensure the safety of individual workers and possible risks to which they are exposed. Regular risk assessments for individual workers are a useful tool for establishing a protocol and system for safety management in a company.

This article is about:

1. 3 steps for a lone working risk assessment

2. A mobile application for a powerful lone working risk assessment

3 steps for a lone working risk assessment

In many jobs and activities you are on your own. Be it the nightly inspection of the security staff, or the late shift, that closes the shop. Both could get into trouble.Employers should focus on safe working practices and protocols to minimise risks to which individual workers may be exposed. The three most important points to consider when carrying out a risk assessment for individual workers are:

1. Carry out a risk assessment and take measures

It is essential to carry out regular risk reviews to identify potential risks in individual work. For employees working alone, it is particularly important to ensure that they are exposed to minimal or no risk. To be able to assess the risks of the activities of persons working alone, the ability of the persons to act after a possible damaging result must also be taken into account. Risks are divided into levels and are categorised in the end.

  1. Low danger - the person remains capable of action.

  2. Increased danger - in case of emergency the person's ability to act remains limited

  3. Critical Danger - in an emergency, the person is no longer able to act.

2. Check and communicate health status

Individual employees should be physically fit before starting their shift. It is important to advise them on safety measures and to communicate with them about their mental and physical fitness and any other concerns they may have during their work.

3. keep the overview and offer training sessions

You should carry out regular checks, with a checklist for working alone, on site to evaluate working conditions and performance. Establish a personal relationship with your staff and ensure that training and advice is provided whenever necessary.

A mobile application for a powerful lone working policy template

Loss of working hours due to sick or injured employees can be costly. Protect yourself and your teammates by regularly checking compliance with all internal standards via mobile app. By regularly checking and easily analyzing the data in the Lumiform software, you can avoid loss of productivity and lost wages. The 7 advantages of a mobil application:

Single digital forms

The flexible form building set makes it possible to create new individual checklists at any time and adapt them again and again.

First class customer service

Lumiform's excellent 24/5 support reliably answers all questions about the app if you need help using the digital application.

Scheduling and notifications

The Lumiform App ensures that the schedule is kept. All employees receive notifications about the procedure and due dates. Managers automatically receive notifications when assignments are overdue and problems have occurred. The Lumiform app ensures that the schedule is adhered to.

Time-defined work steps

Keep an eye on your schedule and use the information to identify ways to increase your efficiency.

Faster identification and resolution of problems

The data you collect during inspections is recorded under the analysis tab. Here you can access all data and view your performance reports broken down by time, location and department. This helps you quickly identify causes and problems so you can fix them as soon as possible.

Tracking of inspections in facilities over time


Connect Lumiform's software to enterprise software systems.

Timely defined goals

Keep an eye on what is happening and identify insights from the information gained to improve your efficiency.

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