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Assess educators with a teacher evaluation checklist

Simplify and optimize the process of evaluating teachers with a digital checklist.

What is a Teacher Evaluation Checklist?

Use a teacher evaluation checklist to review the performance of teachers in their classes. Afterwards, you can analyze them to give a feedback to the teachers but also for principals to learn more about the teachers at their school and their way of teaching.

This article deals with:

1. Why perform a Teacher Evaluation?

2. 3 Aspects for a Good Teacher Evaluation Checklist

3. Advantages of a Digital Teacher Evaluation Checklist

Why perform a Teacher Evaluation?

Performing a teacher evaluation has many advantages, especially for the teacher himself/herself. But also for the principals and students. Here are some of them:

  • Improve the teachers performance by performing regular teacher evaluations
  • Gather feedback to make decisions about promotions and appraisals, but also to hire unproductive teachers.
  • Students have the power to assess their teachers to make a change for a better education
  • Principals can empower all the teachers, especially the ones with a poor evaluation
  • Teachers tend to work better when knowing they are officially evaluated regularly

3 Aspects for a Teacher Evaluation Checklist

The better the evaluation form, the better you can estimate the evaluated teacher. That’s why you should follow these tips:

Keep an overview

When evaluating a teacher, you should not only evaluate his/her actions and ways of teaching but also student’s reaction to it.

  • Do they understand what s/he’s explaining?
  • Are they engaged in classes?
  • What is their opinion to it?

Think of all those factors too, when observing the teachers lessons. A good way would be to also give out a teacher evaluation form for students. That gives you another angle and point of view on the teacher’s performance.

Talk with the teacher

After the evaluation process is over, you should definitely take some time for a feedback talk with the evaluated teacher. Go through the teaching evaluation form with him/her and give some advice.

Don’t forget to praise the aspects the teacher was good at to keep him/her motivated.

Be a mentor

Especially for new teachers, it is extremely helpful to have a mentor, someone who supports them and gives them regular feedback on how to improve their lessons. That’s why you as the evaluator should take the role of a mentor and help them understand their responsibilities as a teacher and give them some advice.

When talking to the teacher focus on the approvements and give him/her an improvement plan.

Advantages of a Digital Teachers Feedback Checklist

Converting your paper-based teacher evaluation checklist with Lumiform into a digital has many advantages. Lumiform gives you a lot of options to improve the teacher evaluation process.

On the one hand, filling it out is time-consuming, and on the other hand, paper lists make it difficult to keep track of changes and analyses. Digitalising the teacher’s feedback checklist simplifies the process of giving feedback and enables to gain actionable insights. Lumiform is a powerful digital application that automatically creates paperless coaching protocols according to a consistent pattern.
  • Save time with easier analysis of all data and faster identification of areas that need improvement.
  • Reports are generated completely automatically, which saves you the need to do all the manual follow-up work.
  • The form builder from Lumiform helps you to convert any individual paper list into a digital checklist without much effort.
  • Get a general overview of everything that happens in your school and in the classrooms.

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