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Promote student growth with a classroom observation form

Collect information about teacher and student performance using classroom observation forms. Improve the environment for both groups through regular evaluations

What is a classroom observation form?

A classroom observation form consists of a series of questions addressing the behavior of teachers and students in a classroom environment. This document helps observers identify skill gaps and problem areas in order to further improve teaching strategies, classroom conditions, and student learning outcomes. Classroom observation forms are similar to child observation reports.

Types of classroom observation form

There are two types of classroom observation checklists used in schools. One focuses on teachers, the other on students. Both categories of classroom observation form are lists of questions that observers must answer when assessing the teacher’s skills and classroom conditions.

1. Classroom observation form for teachers

School administrations use a teacher observation checklist to assess teachers’ performance, ensure that teaching methods meet school standards, and verify that students have a positive and supportive learning environment.

When preparing a classroom observation form for teachers, remember to assess:

I. Effective planning

Effective planning measures how well teachers have prepared their subject matter: Are materials available and well organised? Here, you’re looking for:

  • A clear lesson structure
  • A high amount of time spent actively learning
  • A climate conducive to learning

II. Teaching techniques

This refers to the teacher’s approach to and communication of topics, including:

  • Clarity of content
  • Variety of methods
  • Attention given to individuals
  • Intelligent practice
  • Transparency around expectations

III. Student-teacher relationships

This concerns the way the teacher interacts with their students. To assess this, look for:

  • Calm, constructive feedback
  • Acceptance of and support for struggling students

IV. Environment

This includes the equipment and furnishing of the classroom. A proper classroom environment should have:

  • A tidy and inviting atmosphere
  • An age-appropriate design

V. Class structure

How is class structured, and how are administrative tasks handled? Here, you want to pay attention to:

  • The attendance process
  • Availability and regularity of timetables
  • The cleaning plan in place

2. Classroom observation form for students

A student-oriented classroom observation form is used to conduct individual or group assessments of students, in terms of their behavior and classroom interactions. Checklist results help teachers examine adapt their methods to meet student needs. It also allows you to correct disruptive behaviour.

The most important areas to consider when observing students are:

I. Academic, teaching-related behaviour

This is where you assess student working habits and organizational skills.

II. Social behaviour

This refers to the student’s interaction with other people in the school. Is the student friendly and respectful towards adults and students? Do they interact appropriately with peers in an academic setting?

III. General behaviour and conduct

Observe the general behaviour of students. Is the student a troublemaker? What is their attention span Are they actively participating in class?

Classroom observation forms with workflow automation software

There are a lot of factors to measure when performing classroom assessments, and it’s helpful to have one standardized checklist you can use each time. With Lumiform, you’re able to use workflow automation software to design and use classroom observation forms to thoroughly audit any classroom setting. Thanks to the mobile app, you can assess teachers and students online and offline, as long as you have your form downloaded to your device. Manage your classroom observation forms with Lumiform and enjoy:

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