School Risk Assessment

Replace a paper-based School Risk Assessment at schools with a digital template and thus contribute to public safety.

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School Risk Assessment Template

A school risk assessment template is used to identify hazards in the school environment and their associated risks.

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Laboratory School Risk Assessment Template

Laboratory School Risk Assessment Template is used to identify potential hazards when conducting laboratory experiments.

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Classroom Risk Assessment Template

Classroom Risk Assessment Template is used to ensure classrooms meet minimum health and safety requirements.

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What does a risk assessment in schools include ?

A risk assessment in schools is a systematic inspection that identifies and controls hazards within the school premises. Beyond compliance with legal requirements, risk assessments in schools are carried out by school management to provide a healthy environment for students, teachers, administrative staff and other employees.

This article deals with:

1. 5 elements of a risk assessment in schools

2. A mobile app solution that streamlines data collection and reporting processes

4 steps to risk assessment in schools

For a safe school, a risk assessment should be conducted regularly to determine and minimize the likelihood of injury. A basic risk assessment consists of the following 4 steps:

  1. Evaluate existing emergency plans, fire safety and other safety practices

  2. Identify and document possible risks on the entire school premises

  3. Identify who has access to these hazards

  4. Establish solutions for each hazard and implement corrective actions involving the school management, teachers and other staff (repairs, warning signs, training)

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