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Keep pools safe with a pool log sheet

Use pool log sheets to keep a simple but detailed log.

Why is a pool log sheet useful?

Pool log sheets must be kept by every pool operator and pool manager. Especially with regard to the handling of pool chemicals, the state is strict: pool logs must be kept for 1 to 3 years in order to prove that the chemicals were handled properly.

Using a pool log sheet is a handy tool to record findings and actions during pool maintenance. Its ease of use helps ensure that important information such as the date and time of inspection, pH levels, alkalinity, temperature, and more are recorded on a daily basis with a checklist or as required by state regulations.

Pool maintenance through regular checks is a proactive safety measure that helps prevent swimming pool-related accidents and disease outbreaks.

In this article, the following points are explained:

1. The importance of regular pool maintenance

2. This belongs in a pool log sheet

3. A digital tool for better maintenance results

The importance of regular pool maintenance

Routine pool maintenance is a must. It is the only way to ensure that the pool is safe and acidic for daily use. The following are three reasons to use pool log sheets to perform pool maintenance at regular intervals

1.The quality

To ensure that customers have the best experience while swimming, operators of spas, hotels, and water parks need to check their pools regularly. However, a visual inspection of the water is not enough to assess quality. Special tests (e.g., of the ph level) must be performed to determine whether ideal conditions exist.

2. Safety

The health and safety of swimmers is the focus of pool maintenance. Maintaining ideal levels of chlorine, water temperature, and air temperature minimize health risks. In addition, regular checks must be made to ensure that there has been no contamination from vomit, feces, or blood. But it is not only the water that plays a role in guest safety. The structural substance of the pool and its surroundings should also be checked regularly.

3. The Laws

State and local regulations require pool operators to keep logs of their pool maintenance. These must include full details of inspections to demonstrate that ideal and safe conditions prevailed during pool operation. These documents must be kept for 2 years or longer, depending on regional conditions. If the regulations are not met, the permit to operate a swimming pool cannot be renewed.

This belongs in a pool maintenance checklist

There are four different intervals for pool maintenance: daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. The design of a pool log sheet is also based on these. Not all checks occur at the same time. Some need to be done daily for guest safety and health, while others are only due once a year. We have summarized the most important checks depending on the interval:

  1. Daily pool log sheet
    • Check water level
    • Check appearance of water
    • Check filter and pump
    • Check pool cleaner
    • Check baskets
    • Check filter system
    • Remove leaves and other debris

  2. Weekly pool log sheet
    • Check chemical levels
    • Check alkalinity
    • Add chemicals
    • Clean pool cover
    • Scrub tile line to remove debris
    • Check filter
    • Check and lubricate sealing rings

  3. Monthly pool log sheet
    • Check calcium and CYA levels
    • Check salinity

  4. Annual pool maintenance
    • Check structural integrity of pool
    • Check bolts on diving board and ladders
    • Clean slides and diving boards thoroughly
    • Clean filter thoroughly

A digital tool for better maintenance results

In swimming pools, there are many inspections and therefore a pile of paper – mainly due to documentation requirements. Using a digital solution for inspections and checklists puts an end to this. All daily, weekly, monthly and annual pool maintenance tasks can be easily completed via an application and stored centrally.

Lumiform’s mobile app and desktop software allows pool maintenance to be performed on-site and report logs instantly for documentation. This ensures pool safety and proper maintenance, which are important for operations and business success. Compliance with laws and passing official inspections is made much easier this way.

The benefits of Lumiform digital pool maintenance checklists at a glance:

  • Capture daily pool maintenance information and photos for reporting via the app.
  • Never miss a routine check again with the scheduling feature.
  • Receive notifications when scheduled checks are missed and immediately notify the appropriate person.
  • Automatically generate a report for documentation after each pool maintenance and share it with responsible staff.
  • Access pool maintenance checklists anytime and from anywhere – online and offline.

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