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Swimming Pool Safety Checklist

Lifeguards use this pool safety inspection checklist to proactively check hazards around swimming pools used by children and adults. Answerable by Yes-No-N/A, pool operators can take photos using mobile devices and attach them to the relevant question item as added evidence of hazards found or safety measures in place. Lumiform allows assigning of actionable tasks to immediately address issues found.

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Swimming Pool Safety Checklist



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Safety questions

Does a 4-foot barrier surround the entire pool?
Does the barrier around the pool limit the open area to pool related activities only? (Unrelated ancillary activities within the pool area are: food stands; play areas; picnic tables; barbecues, etc.)
Are all gates self-latching?
Are all gates are self-closing?
Are all gates lockable at 4 and 1/2 feet?
Are locks available for all gates?
Are keys and locks kept where children cannot reach them?
Is the wading (kiddy) pool separated from the main pool by a four-foot barrier?
Are pH and chlorine tests kits used to test the water quality regularly?
Are pools free of entrapment and disembowelment hazards?
Is the pool deck non-slip and free of irregularities and fittings on walkway?
Are pool rules posted for community use pools?
Are depths marked at the side of the pool for each one-foot change?
Is diving from the side of the pool prohibited where pool depths are less than 9 feet deep?
Is diving from a diving board prohibited where pool depths are less than 11.5 feet and where the distance to the slope for the shallow end is less than 16 feet?
Is a certified lifeguard/designated responsible person on duty whenever children 16 years or younger are within the pool area (community use pools)?
Is the required rescue and emergency response equipment situated within the pool area?
Is there an emergency action plan in effect including plan implementation training?
Are all electrical outlets in the pool area covered and GFCI protected?

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