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Teacher Performance Evaluation Template

This teacher evaluation form can be used to evaluate teachers’ teaching practices/lessons using the following responses: “Strongly Agree, Agree, Uncertain, Disagree, Strongly Disagree”. This checklist includes crucial questions to measure the teacher’s enthusiasm, preparation, and effectiveness in presenting the subject matter. Use Lumiform on mobile devices or tablets to record observations and the teacher’s strengths and weaknesses.
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Teacher Performance Evaluation Template



The teacher is free during the particularised office hours and for after class meetings

The teacher appears on time and ends the class on time

The teacher is always properly prepared for each class

The teacher uses the knowledge earned through wide study to improve the effectiveness of teaching

The teacher frequently checks up class attendance

The teacher presents the subject matter efficiently with clarity and coherence

The teacher is enthusiastic

The teacher shows a good understanding of the subject

The teacher is open to new ideas and disagreement

The teacher provides a lecture schedule for students at the start of the semester

The teacher is able to direct discussion

The teacher uses multimedia means for efficient teaching

The teacher is understanding to student problems

The teacher gives additional material aside from the textbook

The teacher answers the questions properly

The teacher shows respect towards students and inspires class participation

The teacher is fair in grading the students

The teacher finishes the whole course

The teacher scrutinised the answer scripts

The teacher reaches the fullest co-operation in co-curricular activities while giving constructive contributions to further increase

The teacher recognises the weaknesses and strengths of students to be utilised as a basis for future planning

The teacher organises corrective teaching in order to overcome student weakness

The teacher returns the graded scripts/tests/reports in a moderate amount of time

The teacher pays attention to all pupils that are irrespective of their skills or personality characteristics


List the teacher's notable strength(s):

List the teacher's notable weakness(es):

Should the teacher proceed to teach this course? (and explain why/why not)

Overall rating:


Full name and signature of the evaluator

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