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Education templates

Enhance your educational environment with Lumiform’s comprehensive templates. Manage everything from classroom inspections to teacher evaluations with ease and precision.
Use this template for the annual coaching and document what the employee considers his or her best performance during the year.
This template for behavioural observation in kindergarten children is used by educators as a basis for a conversation with parents.
With this checklist for the classroom environment, teachers can assess the condition of the room, equipment, and safety.
This checklist is used to assess teacher-student interaction and classroom environment.
This classroom risk assessment template is used to ensure classrooms meet minimum health and safety requirements.
Use this template to perform a laboratory evaluation according to the standards of ISO 17025. Add further checklist items if required.
Use this SOP checklist template for the process of sweeping, dusting, and cleaning of hotels or office corridors.
Use this general laboratory safety inspection checklist to conduct regular self-inspections in all areas.
This template is used to identify potential hazards when conducting laboratory experiments at school.
This employee daily attendance sheet is intended for small and medium-sized businesses.
This ISO 17025 checklist can be used to provide a laboratory’s competence in testing and calibration.
Use this template to have a training program evaluated by trainees for its relevance.

Lumiform’s education templates

Education templates are essential for ensuring a safe, efficient, and productive learning environment. These templates assist with a variety of tasks, including child observation reports, classroom inspections, daycare incident reports, facility maintenance and teacher performance evaluations. By utilizing Lumiform’s education templates, your school or daycare can maintain high standards of safety, compliance, and educational quality. These templates help document and streamline processes, ensuring that every aspect of the educational environment is well-managed and monitored. Report incidents, evaluate teacher performance, or inspect classrooms for safety, Lumiform’s templates provide the structured support necessary to achieve excellence in education.  

Frequently asked questions

  1. What types of education templates are available? Lumiform offers a wide range of education templates, including classroom safety inspections, curriculum audits, facility maintenance logs, student feedback forms, and staff performance evaluations.
  2. How can education templates improve classroom safety? Templates provide a structured approach to safety checks, ensuring that all safety protocols are consistently followed and documented, reducing the risk of accidents and creating a safe learning environment.
  3. Can I customize Lumiform templates for specific educational institutions? Yes, Lumiform’s platform allows you to customize templates to meet the specific needs of different educational institutions, adding institution-specific checks and criteria.
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