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Training Evaluation Form Template

Use this training feedback form to assess training sessions by collecting feedback from the participant(s) concerning the program, facilitator, and facilities. Furthermore, you can guarantee that your training program only includes the most relevant information to workers’ roles.

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Training Evaluation Form Template


Thank you for attending our training session(s). We would like to request your feedback on our training session(s) so that we can improve our delivery and provide you with the best training possible.

Program Objectives

The facilitator included all the program topics.
The program topics were precisely defined.

Course Content and Relevance

The content was appropriate for my role's demands.
The course elements were well coordinated.
The material was the appropriate level of complexity for my knowledge and experience.
The course materials help support the course topics.

Facilitator Knowledge and Effectiveness

There was an adequate number of breaks that were sufficiently spaced out
The facilitator shared his/her experiences with the participants to be able to connect to the content being discussed.
There was enough time to discuss all the objectives on the training session's schedule.
The facilitator did a good job of generating participant cooperation while maintaining a safe learning atmosphere.
The facilitator proved excellent knowledge and effectively addressed the program's material.
The speed of the training session(s) was appropriate.

Program Evaluation

The evaluation was a fair representation of the program's content.
The role-plays or simulations (when there were any) were a fair representation of the program's topic.


The participants had access to a computer and/or tools to simulate kinesthetic training.
The training room was set at a comfortable temperature.
The training room had sufficient lighting.

Final Thoughts

What did you like about the training sessions(s)?
What didn't you like? What needs improvement?
Write down your final thoughts on the training sessions(s) and/or facilitator:


Name and signature of participant:
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