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Employee Evaluation

Improve employee evaluation by using a digital template. Don't rely on paperwork to make personnel decisions.

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Employee Evaluation Form Template

Managers use this employee evaluation form template to assess the work of their employees.

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Peer Employee Evaluation Form

Use this employee peer evaluation form to document feedback from the coworkers.

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Employee Self Evaluation form Template

This template is used by employees to tell their supervisor what they have accomplished since the last performance review.

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Implement employee evaluation effectively with the help of a digital template

Employee evaluation is conducted by companies to record the overall performance of an employee. Usually, a uniform employee evaluation template is used for this purpose in order to better compare different evaluation criteria.

The employee evaluation with template serves enterprises to use their human resources optimally and to use and develop the potentials of the individual employee purposefully. Thus, the evaluation of work performance is not only in the interest of the employer, but also in the interest of the employee. Employee evaluations are an important instrument of the feedback culture in every company.

This article is about:

1. Reasons to conduct a regular employee evaluation with checklist

2. Benefits of digital employee evaluation forms

3. Criteria an employee evaluation checklist should meet

4. A digital employee evaluation solution

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Reasons to conduct a regular employee evaluation with checklist

The idea of development is a crucial factor that speaks in favor of regular employee evaluations. Even if the assessment itself, does not yet lead to an improvement in personnel quality. If a company wants to survive in the globalized and digitalized world of work, however, it must have agile employees who can adapt to change and keep up.

In order to assert oneself successfully against competitors, it is necessary to build up personnel who can be developed in a targeted manner in accordance with the requirements. In times of prevailing shortage of skilled workers, it is only possible to a limited extent to hire new employees who bring with them the necessary competencies.

Employee evaluation is one of the basics of personnel development in a company. Through it, any differences between the requirements of the job and the skills and competencies of the job holder can be uncovered. These can then be minimized or even eliminated altogether through targeted training and development measures.

The most important goals of an employee evaluation checklist are:

  1. Optimization of personnel deployment
  2. Recognition of employee performance
  3. Increasing employee performance
  4. Promoting employee performance in line with their needs
  5. Performance-based employee compensation
  6. Improving the leadership quality of supervisors
  7. Intensifying communication between supervisor and employee
  8. Promotion of suitable junior staff
  9. Motivation of all employees

Benefits of digital employee forms

An effective employee evaluation checklist should include detailed feedback from managers and colleagues. Paper-based evaluations can be ineffective in many ways. Here are 3 key reasons why you should implement a digital tool for employee evaluation forms in your organization:

1. Cut your work time in half

Paperwork like scanning, signing and mailing evaluations can be time-consuming and ineffective. Digital evaluation forms can be done at any time and shared immediately, freeing up time for in-depth analysis and corrective action within the organization. All information is securely stored and accessible anytime you need it.

2. Get more insight

Tracking the right information across a multitude of documents is a redundant and time-consuming task. With a digital tool, specific information can be tracked and changed at any time, enabling immediate action. Automated reports provide insight into all employee evaluation forms that have been conducted within the company. This way, personnel decisions are never delayed.

3. Strengthen your company's image

Your reputation should be as forward-looking as your company's goals. Capturing signatures electronically and reducing bureaucracy among employees increases motivation, transparency and trust in the workforce.

Criteria that an employee evaluation checklist should meet

The employee evaluation should include, if possible, all criteria that are operationally relevant and describe the employee personality. The criteria must be unambiguously formulated and comprehensible for employees. After all, they are also the goals to be worked towards through continuous improvement.

Which assessment criteria ultimately flow into the employee evaluation depends not least on the defined corporate goals. The following selection reflects typical, almost universally valid criteria, which can be found in almost every employee evaluation checklist:

  1. Quality of work
  2. Self-reliance
  3. Expertise
  4. Effectiveness
  5. Willingness to perform
  6. Resilience
  7. Flexibility
  8. Teamwork
  9. Cost consciousness

For executives, there is also:

  1. Delegation skills
  2. Employee leadership
  3. Employee development

Related app uses

Use digital tool for employee evaluation forms

Lumiform is a powerful mobile app that allows you to digitize and streamline the employee evaluation process. The accompanying desktop software allows individual employee evaluation forms to be created in a snap.

Afterwards, employees and supervisors can conveniently complete and view the templates via tablet or smartphone - online or offline. This reduces the risk of unanswered questions and data loss. The app guides the user through the employee evaluation checklist and ensures that all points are answered. Afterwards, all data is stored securely in the cloud.

Digitize your paper employee evaluation forms with Lumiform and enjoy the following additional benefits:

  • The flexible form builder helps you turn any custom employee evaluation form into digital checklists in minutes
  • Lumiform offers pre-made employee evalutaion templates to help you get started digitally quickly and confidently.
  • Using the super intuitive mobile app, employee evaluation can be efficiently conducted between supervisors and employees and recorded goals can be viewed again and again.
  • All results from an employee evaluation are automatically bundled into one report and can be sent to employee and supervisors instantly.
  • Never miss a scheduled employee evaluation again with the reminder feature, and never lose a report again with cloud storage.

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