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Child Observation Report Template

This Child Observation Report template can be used to record the educator’s observations on the child’s behavior, interactions, and learnings in daycare. Take pictures using Lumiform on your mobile as supporting documentation and help identify the social, emotional, communication, cognition, or physical learnings of the child. Conveniently send your observation reports that can include multiple photos to parents via PDF or a weblink that they can click anytime anywhere on their mobile, iPad, tablet, or computer.

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Child Observation Report Template


Marginal data

Name of the child
Age of the child (year + months)
Kindergarten group
Other notes/special circumstances (e.g. pre-existing conditions, family circumstances)

Observation circumstances

Covert or overt observation?
Participant or non-participant observation?
Moment log or reminder log?
In what environment is the child observed?
In which situation is the child observed?
In what period of time is the child observed?


Learning: Click "add" button
Type of learning
Please specify
Describe Child's Learning Journey
Child's voice


Teacher's Comments
Should the parent or guardian be notified?
Teacher's Full Name and Signature
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Simplify Your Child Observations with This Educator-Friendly Report Template

Observing children is an essential component of early childhood education, but keeping track of observations can be time-consuming and challenging without a standardized report template. This child observation report template is specifically designed for educators, making it easy to document and track observations.

The template should include sections for recording important information such as the child's age, behavior, and interactions with others. It should also allow for documenting strengths and areas for growth, as well as strategies that can be used to support the child's development.

Using a comprehensive report template can help educators more effectively monitor and support children's learning and development. Additionally, having a standardized format can help ensure consistency across multiple observers and over time. By using this template, educators can streamline their observations and spend more time focused on individualized teaching and support.

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