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Attendance sheets can be used in two different ways. Companies use attendance tracking during working hours to document and track employee attendance. Depending on the goal, an employee attendance sheet can help with work scheduling, payroll, training planning, compliance audits, and productivity improvements. Outside of the direct work environment, the attendance sheet format is used upfront by event planners, seminar organizers, sports venues, schools and daycare facilities. Accordingly, attendance sheet templates are documents that serve to prove the presence of a group at a location within a time-limited framework.

Are you not sure what all belongs in an attendance sheet template? That's not a problem! Then take a look at our comprehensive attendance sheet checklist. In Lumiform's template library, you'll find many examples of attendance sheets for businesses, events, educational institutions, and more. You can use them for your purposes, or choose one from the list and easily customize it with the form builder to your needs using drag-and-drop - programming and design experience is not required. Add to your template all the information your business needs. Personalize your template by adding the company logo. When you're done, you can instantly share your sheet with employees via the app or desktop software.


Whatever kind of attendance sheet you need, there are always two questions you should ask yourself to begin with:

  1. What information do I absolutely need from the person?
  2. What information would I like to have from the person?

So it makes little sense to ask for the email address or reason for attendance. While this can be helpful information in an event or training attendance sheets. Deciding to use digital attendance sheets also makes it easier for you and your company to comply with privacy regulations. The data collected is secure and can be easily deleted after the required record retention period. In addition, you can easily adapt your attendance sheet template to new legal requirements or changing demands within the company at any time. Try it out right now.