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Comprehensive security and warehouse audit

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1.1 - Has the last Audit been reviewed?
1.2 - Has the previous months non compliance been dealt with?
Section 1 Further information
2.1 - SECURITY GATES Gates tested and working to agreed operational standard.
2.2 - KEY LOG AND CABINET KEYS Does the store have a key log and is it being used daily? Are keys signed out and in? Are all cabinet keys are accounted for?
2.2 - Further information
2.3 - SALES FLOOR CABINETS AND CAGES. All cabinets locked on sales floor? All cages locked?
2.4 - DETAGGERS Are detaggers securely stored?
2.5 - DE-ACTIVATORS Test live tags are being deactivated at each point
2.6 - RF/EM TAGGED PRODUCT Agreed Product tagged?
2.7 - LAPTOP AND TABLET ALARMS Are all laptops and Tablets hooked up to alarms? Is the system working and active?
2.8 - TELCO SECURITY ALARMS AND CLAMPS Are all alarms working and all demo phones security clamped?
2.9 - MERCHANDISE MERCHANICS Are all agreed protocols being followed?
2.10 - FLOOR MODEL BAR CODING All floor stock has bar code.
2.11 - SALES FLOOR OVERHEADS All products stored on overheads must be either out of reach of customers or appropriate from a security and risk perspective.
2.12 - PRO DJ AND CAR AUDIO PRODUCTS Are all Pro DJ and car sound products secured appropriate to security risk.
2.13 - SPORTS WATCHES Are all sports watches and personal devices secured for display? Is all hang sell stock secured to agreed regional merchandising mechanics?
2.14 - PORTABLE AUDIO Do all display portable audio products have alarms attached? Are the alarms working? Is back up stock secured according or regional agreed expectations?
2.15 - WORKSTATIONS Confirm that there are no stock items being used by sales staff? If there are stock items being used, why and why are they not being written off to store use if appropriate? Check workstations for open stock. Is there evidence of stock being left unattended at the work station?
Section 2 Further information
Section 2 follow up date for non compliance
3.1 - REFUNDS REPORT Check refunds report and ensure all refunds are being signed off by a Manager. Audit refunds report over last week for evidence of returns patterns.
3.1 - Further information
3.2 - RETURNS PROCEDURES Observe returns procedure to ensure compliance of company procedures and standards. Check compliance of goods. Original packaging remotes and manuals etc. Does the return comply with Solvup and the use of the blue booklet on consumer guarantee?
3.2 - Further information
3.3 - SECURITY CALLS Are security calls being announced? Is there evidence of staff/guards following the calls?
3.4 - COUNTER AREA Is the counter clean and tidy? Are there any high value items stored at the counter? Are all returns processed correctly, paperwork attached and sent to warehouse in a timely manner?
3.5 - CASH IN REGISTERS Check each till with a Manager and ensure there is not large quantities of cash in the drawer. No more than $3k in the drawer. Use the current cash box in stars to see what cash is in each drawer
Section 3 Further information
Section 3 follow up date for non compliance
4.1 - PAID IN FULL Is there a paid in full section within the storeroom? Are all products tagged as PIF? Is there evidence of stock being checked? Is the paid in full system being used for products not available at point of sale?
4.2 - LAY BY Is there evidence of lay by report being printed on a minimum of 2 weekly interval? Is there evidence of lay by being checked and actioned by store person and signed off by manager? Is there evidence of further action or attempted contact to customer?
Section 4 Further information
Section 4 follow up date for non compliance
5.1 - SOLVUP SYSTEM Are there any repairs in store over 2 days that have not been sent to repair agents? Are there any outstanding repairs over 25 days? Do they have comments within the last week? Discuss any repairs over 25 days with Manager.
5.2 - MOVEIT COMPLIANCE Check despatches in Moveit. Run reports for last month and look for evidence of multiple despatch to private addresses. Look for same ref numbers being used for transfers and sales. Check multiples against the resend account.
5.2 - Further information
5.3 - FREIGHT AWAITING DESPATCH Does the store have any outbound cons awaiting despatch? Check all items awaiting despatch to ensure correct labelling and packaging as appropriate to the product and destination. Check that small items are being sent via Toll Priority and that larger items are sent via Toll Ipec or Fast as appropriate.
5.3 - Further information
5.4 - DRAFT CONSIGNMENT SCREEN / MANIFESTS Is the draft consignment screen clear? Check draft consignment screen is clear and further that there is no evidence of consignments being saved but not despatched. Check last 14 days to ensure driver manifests are in use and being signed.
5.4 - Further information
Section 5 Further information
Section 5 date for follow up for non compliance
6.0 - JBRL / SOR
6.1 - Does the store have a separate section or bay in the warehouse for the JBRL?
6.2 - Do all items have correct paperwork? Return for credit form, proof of purchase, telco return, SOLVUP trouble shooting etc?
6.3 - Are all items wrapped or boxed suitably for transit?
6.4 - Are all items current? Is there any evidence of times not being sent forward on the next despatch after return?
6.5 - JBRL PALLET WRAPPING STANDARDS Can the store demonstrate how to wrap pallet for transit to JBRL. Is the store taking pictures of their pallets upon wrapping and prior to load out? Check last 2 despatches for compliance
6.6 - JBRL GLOBAL VARIANCE REPORT Are the warehouse team aware of the current report? Have Managers spoken to the team about Global Variances and investigated any errors? Have Managers spoken to Software in regards to variances?
6.7 - SOR COMPLIANCE Are there current SOR open? Is there evidence of scan progress on returns? Discuss past performance on SOR from store, region and national perspective.
Section 6 Further information
Section 6 follow up date for non compliance
7.1 - Does the store have a dedicated Manual Credit section in the warehouse?
7.2 - is the store only using one credit book?
7.3 - Check credit book and ensure all products written and picked up have credits raised in TDC
7.4 - Are all problem credits being followed up?
7.5 - Are regional processing protocols being followed?
7.6 - Are bulky goods manual credits being sent to processing within 3 days of arriving into store?
Section 7 Further information
Section 7 follow up date for non compliance
8.1 - Does the store have a separate section for inbound and outbound transfers?
8.2 - Is there evidence of Manager checks on all inbound and outbound transfers? There should be signatures on transfer paperwork from Managers and store persons at both ends as double despatch and receipt check.
8.3 - Do all outbound transfers have paperwork attached?
8.4 - Do all outbound transfers have Moveit labels on? Have they been despatched within 1 hour of transit to ensure track and trace compliance.
8.5 - Outstanding transfers. Does the stores have outstanding transfers over 3 days metro and 7 days regional? Has any action has been taken to reduce amount of outstanding transfers? Are there any transfers disputed?
8.5 - Further information
Section 8 Further information
Section 8 follow up date for non compliance
9.1 - Is there recent evidence of Manager action on negative on hand report?
9.2 - Does the store have negative on hand on Manager Daily Worksheet? What is the extent of the stores negative on hand stock listing and what action is being taken to reduce?
9.2 - Further information
Section 9 Further information
Section 9 follow up date for non compliance
10.1 - Are all cages locked and secure?
10.2 - Are back doors closed when not in use?
10.3 - Are all side door alarms working?
10.4 - Staff exit policy in place and staff can demonstrate. Check staff are using the front door to exit and enter during trade. Check that no staff are using the loading dock for shortcuts to toilets, shopping centre or for smoke breaks.
10.5 - Exit doors. Check and test all exit doors to ensure they operate adequately and the alarms work.
10.6 - Rubbish. Are clear plastic bags in use in all bins on the floor, lunch room and storeroom? Is there evidence of Manager checks on rubbish bags? Are all empty cartons being flat packed before going to bins?
Section 10 Further information
Section 10 date for follow up for non compliance
11.1 - Are all ladders functional, in good condition and without damage? Checks wheels and step treads. Check platform.
11.2 - Does the store have a WAV? Is there a trained operator sign off sheet in store? Are only trained operators using it? Is the daily check list attached to the WAV? Is it filled in daily? Does the WAV show any signs of damage on frame, operator gate, load plate or wheels? Have Maintanence been called for noted issues? Is the key taken out when not in use?
11.3 - What sort of hand trolleys does these store have? Are the functional? Are the wheels pumped up? Is the frame free from damage? If the store has load breaker, is the kick back working?
11.4 - Is the store using safety knives? Stores must only use approved knives to prevent possible OHS issues and damage to product.
11.5 - Are aisles free from obstruction in the warehouse?
11.6 - Is larger product being stored in line with JB HIFI Bulky goods policy? Is the traffic light system in operation? Is all other product being stores to minimise stock damage?
Section 11 Further information
Section 11 follow up date for non compliance
12.1 - Security Cameras. Check security cameras layout is as per photo on the admin office wall. Check each camera is operational and in focus. Check non are being hidden by internal signage or other obstructions.
12.2 - Security Mud Map. Check there is a map in use. Is it being used as per instructions? Are there red dots showing theft patterns?
Mud Map picture
12.3 - Has the store had security awareness training recently?
12.4 - TDC SOH Inaccuracy Register Is it in use? Is there evidence of appropriate follow up?
12.5 - Stolen stock. Check store has a stolen stock box on Manager desk. Are all items tagged with date found, time, location and by whom? Are all items within 2 weeks old? Have stock adjustments been submitted?
Section 12 Further information
Section 12 Follow up date for non compliance
13.1 - Check compliance and understanding of EDI invoice procedure from Managers and Admin. Is the report printed off daily? Is the report split for hardware and software? Is the Manager aware of current store standing?
13.2 - Are there any invoices on the store EDI report? Are there invoices are on the report? How many in 8+? Has action has been taken to deal with outstanding invoices?
13.2 - Further information
13.3 - EDI invoice compliance. Check last 10 invoices received from EDI reprint checks and ensure compliance. Are invoices signed off by a Manager? Check delivery dates and POD against receipt into TDC.
13.3 - Further information
13.4 - Are there any invoices that cannot be logged? Have they been logged as invoices receiving issues via the intranet? Are any invoices that have been logged as issues and rectified been received into TDC?
13.5 - Are all manual invoices received into TDC? Check last 10 manual invoices to ensure compliance of receiving process.
Section 13 further information
Section 13 follow up date for non compliance
14.1 - Is the store using a customer pick up log?
14.2 - Is there evidence of Manager and Store person checking stock and double signing out all customer pick ups? Check last weeks pick up logs.
14.3 - Does the store keep copies of customer receipts for each pick up? Check last weeks logs
14.4 - Is there evidence of Admin checking customer pick up logs? Determine understanding of reporting practice in the event of issues with customer pick ups. Who are issues reported to and what is follow up?
14.4 - Further information
Section 14 Further information
Section 14 follow up date for non compliance
15.1 - PDA's Are all PDA's allocated and available for use? Are they stored securely?
15.2 - Is there any evidence of stock being used instead of store assets? For example monitors, work station radios, keyboards, hard drives etc. Stock must not be used and must be available for sale.
15.3 - MANAGERS DESK Is the workstation clean and tidy and free from stock?
15.4 - STORE PERSONS DESK Is it clean, tidy and not used as a general dumping ground? Are trays in use for transfers, customer orders, invoices etc. Are folders in use for repairs, completed transfers, apple and telco etc.
15.5 - Are all agreed items in the warehouse bar coded with JB HIFI printed labels?
15.6 - STOP LINE POSTERS Check Stop line posters are in prominent positions within the back of house. Check staff understanding of policy.
15.7 - VIP TRANSACTIONS Have there been recent VIP transactions? Check 10 random VIP sales and investigate time frame transacted and method of sale.
15.7 - Further information
Section 15 Further information
Section 15 follow up date for non compliance
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