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DMAIC Template

A DMAIC template can support assuring that Six Sigma practitioners apply the DMAIC methodology (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) as a root-cause analysis for process improvements. The template starts by describing the project goals and recording customer deliverables. After that, you can measure the current representation of the method to quantify the problem. In the end, analyze the problem until the root cause has been identified and develop the design, system, and/or process with evaluated and re-evaluated solutions. Finally, define the monitoring and control system in place and complete the DMAIC with your digital signature.

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DMAIC Template



Name the project goals:

List customer (internal as well as external) deliverables:


Was a data collection plan established to quantify the problem?

Is the current representation of the method determined with the help of benchmarking?

Give a brief problem statement:


What are the achievement goals?

Define value-added as well as non-value-adding process steps

Specify the sources of differences:

Describe the few essential inputs that relate to the output

What is the root cause of the problem?


Name some/ a potential solution(s):

Are operating thresholds of the potential system well-defined?

Were design experiments enforced?

Were potential developments verified through pilot investigations?

Were potential solutions evaluated and re-evaluated?


Is the monitoring and control system in place?

Was the statistical process control performed?

Explain the transfer plan (handoff to process owner):

Were benefits, cost savings/avoidance & profit growth established?


Do you have any additional recommendations? Write them down:

Full Name and Signature of DMAIC Practitioner: