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Driver Evaluation Checklist

A driver evaluation checklist is a tool used to assess drivers’ performance when operating school buses. It helps to evaluate if drivers follow business protocols and bus safety regulations.
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Driver Evaluation Checklist



Fully evaluates condition of vehicle

Checks for oil, water, fuel leaks

Checks fuel, oil, and water levels

Checks tires, lights, reflectors

Checks air hoses, electrical connections

Checks suspension points, steering linkage

Checks service and parking brakes; hand valve

Checks wipers, mirrors, horn, and gauges

Checks emergency equipment

Cleans windows, mirrors, lights


Checks mirror adjustment

Puts transmission in neutral

Shifts gears smoothly

Starts motor without difficulty

Allows proper warm-up

Builds full air pressure before starting

Checks brakes within 100 ft. of starting

Checks and understands instruments

Uses clutch properly

Maintains proper engine RPM

Times gearshift properly

Uses proper gear sequence

Uses seat belt


Brakes as soon as need is recognized

Avoids sudden stops

Stops smoothly without rolling back

Tests brakes at top of hills

Gears down to descend grades

Uses brake peopeny on grades

Keeps check on air gauges


Knows proper use of parking brake

Knows proper use of hand valve

Understands "low air" warning

Understands use of 4-way flashers

Uses proper headlight beam

Dims lights when following others

Dims lights when meeting others

Adjusts speed to range of lights

Knows how to replace fuses

Knows how to use fire extinguisher

Knows placement of warning devices

Knows placement position of chocks

Knows operation of engine brake (if equipped)


Intersections and Turning

Enters intersections prepared to stop

Cheeks for cross traffic

Yields to others

Signals direction changes in advance

Gets in proper lane well in advance of turn

Turns only when way is clear

Blocks traffic from curb side of turn

Signs and Signals

Starts slowly from stopped position

Looks ahead for signs and signals

Comes to a complete stop at stop signs

Approaches signs and signals prepared to stop

Slows vehicle gradually

R.R. Grade Crossings

Adjusts speed to crossing conditions

Comes to a complete stop (if required)

Stops required distance from crossing

Avoids shifting gears while crossing


Allows sufficient space for passing

Passes only when there is long-term advantage

Passes only in safe location

Signals when changing lanes

Signals before passing

Proceeds in proper lane


Observes posted speed limit

Uses timed interval following distance

Observes speed limit consistent with conditions

Maintains steady speed on open road

Adjusts speed for curves, other danger zones


Grips steering wheel properly

Good driving posture

Centers vehicle in driving lane

Reads traffic lights in advance

Evaluates traffic patterns early

Aware of traffic around unit

Frequent use of mirrors

Avoids being boxed in

Makes eye contact with others

Alert to live parking

Makes good driving decisions



Avoids barking from blind side

Avoids unnecessary backing

Warns others when backing

Checks area before backing

Uses mirrors to advantage

If in doubt gets out and looks

Proper backing maneuvers

Vehicle Parking

Selects safe area to park

Parks to avoid backing when leaving

Parks correct distance from curb or roadway

Turns on warning flashers

Checks traffic when pulling out

Secures unit:

Turns wheels

Sets brakes

Puts in gear

Shuts off engine

Uses chocks

Locks unit



Driver (Full Name and Signature)

Inspector (Full Name and Signature)

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