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General Kitchen Checklist Template

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Rated 5/5 stars on Capterra

General Kitchen Checklist Template

Kitchen Inspection Checklist

Kitchen Opening Procedure

Basic utilities such as lights and air system are turned on
Equipment such as ovens, proofers, griddles, ranges, broilers, fryers, kettles are turned on
Refrigerator and Freezers were unlocked
Keys placed on the proper storage area
Trash bins are lined and distributed
Kitchen area shows cleanliness, orderliness and no equipment malfunctions observed
Proper food storage practices are evident (labels, dates, wrapping, location)
Distributed towels and other issued items to respective stations

Kitchen Service Preparation

Kitchen personnel meet the expected requirements of personal hygiene and wear the correct uniform and safety clothes
Kitchen personnel adheres to all hygiene and safety procedures at all times
Work area is clean and tidy at all times
They assemble all appropriate ingredients in advance to ensure efficiency and work productivity
Initial preparations are completed efficiently and items are stored correctly until required
Dishes are prepared in accordance with standard recipes
Every dish is checked by the senior chef before leaving the pass for presentation, quality and portion accuracy

Kitchen Cleaning

Daily, weekly and deep cleaning schedules for all kitchen areas are displayed and adhered to.
Designated personnel are allocated to monitor cleaning standards on a daily basis.
Equipment is kept in a clean and safe state at all times.
Dishwashing machines are checked for cleanliness before use and maintained.
Water is changed at least twice a day and is at the correct temperature at all times.
Correct quantities of detergent and rinse aid are safely used.
Waste disposal facilities are effectively used.

Kitchen Closing Procedure

Hand tools such as knives, special cutters etc have been washed and sanitized
Unplugged, wiped and sanitized small appliances
Washed and sanitized the station fixtures: tables, shelving, cabinets, heat lamps
Emptied, washed and sanitized under-counter line refrigerators
Locked up special tools and cooking alcohols
Double-checked that no perishable foods have been left out
All refrigeration equipment is left on, working and locked
Cabinets have been locked and all kitchen keys are accounted for
All heating equipment and units are turned off
Cleanliness and orderliness is evident
The office and the sales receipts is secured and locked
Fans and lights turn
Locked interior doors
Alarm system activated


Notes for the next shift:
Name & Signature of Duty Manager
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