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Horticulture - Site Risk Assessment

Horticulture site risk assessment is the process of assessing potential risks on a horticultural site, such as vegetation, soil, and water. It helps to identify and mitigate hazards, reduce the risk of harm to people and the environment, and ensure a safe and healthy working environment.

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Horticulture - Site Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Have all workers been inducted to this site?
Are you able to carry out site inspection?
Are you in need of traffic control?
Located Services (Gas, Electricity, Water, etc.)
Is site free from rubbish and dangerous objects?
Will you be working in spaces?
Will you be working at heights?
Will you be conducting any excavation?
Is a safety helmet required?
Is safety footwear required?
Is eye protection required?
Is ear protection required?
Are sun hats, sunscreen, and sunglasses required?
Will you be using any hazardous substances?
Do you have a copy of all SDSs used on site?
Do you understand the First Aid and PPE requirements of all SDSs?
Weather Conditions

Jobs Performed

What jobs have you completed?
(check name not set)


Add additional personnel
(check name not set)


What vehicles were used?

Incident Register

Are there any incidents to report?
Who was involved?
Details of incident

Site Issues

Site Issues
Supply a photo if nessessary

Client Section

Was the job completed to the customer's satisfaction?
Are there any future client requests?


Is the Risk Assessment completed?
Posh Supervisor
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Horticulture site risk assessment is a process to identify, evaluate, and control hazards related to horticulture activities. It involves identifying potential risks and assessing the likelihood of them occurring, as well as evaluating the potential consequences should they occur. The assessment is then used to develop controls to minimise the risk. It focuses on identifying potential hazardous materials, workplace layout and design, working environment, and safety practices. The assessment also includes making recommendations to improve safety and health in the workplace. The assessment is essential to ensure that the risk of injury or illness to workers is reduced and the workplace is safe and productive.

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