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Internal Audit Report Template

An internal audit report template is a standardized format used to document the findings and recommendations of an internal audit conducted within an organization. It includes sections for summarizing the audit objectives, scope, methodology, key observations, identified deficiencies or non-compliance, and suggested corrective actions. This template serves as a structured framework to ensure consistency, clarity, and completeness in reporting the outcomes of internal audits, facilitating effective communication and follow-up for process improvement and risk mitigation.

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Internal Audit Report Template


Section 1: Audit Overview

Process audited
Type of audit
Documents reviewed for audit
Number of related non-conformances raised to date

Section 2: Review work instructions / procedures

Do work instructions / procedures adequately control stated objectives?
Do work instructions / procedures comply with regulatory requirements?
Are all documents up to date ( i.e. have they been reviewed within past 2 years?)

Section 3: Review previous audit reports

Has this procedure been audited in the past?
Have previous corrective actions, non-conformances and suggested improvements been implemented?

Section 4: Review the process

Is the relevant procedure / work instruction being followed?
Is the process efficient?
Is the workspace suitable for the process?
Is the necessary equipment and materials available and appropriately maintained?
Do staff appear knowledgable and comfortable with the procedure?
Is safety being controlled during this process?

Section 5: Review record keeping

Are records being kept for this process
Is the content and format of these records appropriate?

Section 6: Review training for the process

Is there training for this process?
Is the frequency and content of this training appropriate?
Have all relevant staff been included in the training?

Section 7: Review customer requirements

Are any customer requirements being met for this process?
Is customer feedback recorded and this feedback reviewed?

Section 8: Review controls

Are controls in place for this process?
Is appropriate validation and measurement occurring as described in work instructions / procedures

Section 9: Audit Findings

Summaries the findings of this audit

Section 10: Non-conformances and Improvements

Non conformance or improvement identified
Action required and person assigned
Due date of action
Follow up action reviewed for effectiveness - comments
Follow up date

Section 11: Confirmation of results

Auditor signature
DC Manager signature
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Strengthen Organizational Compliance and Accountability with an Effective Internal Audit Report Template

Internal audits play a critical role in ensuring compliance, identifying risks, and enhancing overall organizational performance. An effective internal audit report template serves as a valuable tool for auditors to document their findings, conclusions, and recommendations. This comprehensive template covers key areas such as financial processes, operational procedures, risk management, and regulatory compliance.

By utilizing the template, auditors can systematically assess controls, detect potential weaknesses, and provide actionable insights to management. The report highlights areas of improvement, suggests remedial actions, and promotes accountability within the organization. It also serves as a valuable reference for future audits, ensuring continuity and consistency in the internal audit process.

By implementing an effective internal audit report template, organizations can enhance transparency, strengthen internal controls, and mitigate risks, ultimately driving sustainable growth and success.

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